Wednesday, January 9, 2008

~ A Target meltdown ~

Tradesman and I went across the border the other night to the local Target. We had a Christmas present to exchange and I was anticipating a great sale on all the holiday decorations.
I LOVE Christmas decorating but I'm far too cheap to buy anything at full price. Its been a tradition of Tradesman and I every year after Christmas to pick up stuff on clearance. Sure some of the stuff is sometimes damaged but when you have 5 children its bound to get damaged at some point or another anyway. We have managed to get some beautiful stuff over the course of our marriage.
As we approached the doors I tried to act calm, cool and collected, but I found myself sweating a little and maybe even breathing heavy. Tradesman being the very tuned in hubby that he is noticed and stated the obvious....I was excited!!
Once we were in the doors I located the first Target lady I could and asked her to point us in the direction of the clearance Christmas merchandise. Then I ran, ahem...walked very normally over to the aisle. I realized quickly after I arrived that she had been mistaken. Tradesman waved her over and I politely explained that I was looking for all the leftover Christmas de-cor-a-tions.
"Mame , this is all the leftover Christmas de-cor-a-tions."
"What?!" "What do you mean!" "This can't be all that's left!!!"
I fell into a blubbering pool of despair right there in front of the bazillion boxes of peppermint candy canes which by the way is proof that nobody actually likes the peppermint ones!
Embarrassed by my meltdown, tradesman looked at the Target lady who by now was making a beeline for another aisle.
He tried to reassure me that there was always next year, and we would come earlier then.
I was determined to find something so I picked myself up and looked to see if this deal shopping could be salvaged. Here's my big exciting purchase....

At 8 cents a piece I spent a total of 24 cents.
Its a grave disappointment to the many other great purchases over the years, but alas it is a deal nonetheless.
Apparently, real Target lovers I was told, are there at 7:00am the morning after Christmas.
Well that's just nutty!

By the way, if you are looking for me next Dec.26th, I'll be unavailable. I'll be the one lying in a sleeping bag outside of Target.

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Robin Saylor said...

Just catching up on your blog ... next Christmas I'll be WITH you in line at Target. We'll leave the men at home (unless of course we need them to carry our bags for us!). Seriously - this is my favorite time of year for shopping. Did you get any deals at Winners?

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