Thursday, January 3, 2008

~ My Kind of Dog ~

My children mentioned today how very much they would love a dog. For some reason 1 cat, 2 mice, 1 turtle, 1 rabbit, and 1 fish are somehow not enough.... This is nothing new. I feel as if its a conspiracy between them and their father.
Keep bugging momma about this in hopes that eventually she will wear down.
For anyone that knows me well, I am not a dog person, nor ever will be a dog person!
But at last I've got it! I have found the perfect solution! Our home will now be complete!

A Cyber Dog!
Its the answer to both my childrens dreams and mine.
Cute, does what its told, doesn't soil my floor, no having to take it for walks, available whenever you need a doggie fix!

So gather your children over to the computer and click on this link below.
(be sure to turn off the music in my sidebar)
Let me know if this was a welcome addition to your home.

My Kind of Dog

Be sure to type in bark, roll over, dance, play dead, spin, kiss( this is the only kiss I will ever except from a doggie...ahem...)

I have to mention this picture does make me a little weak in the knees....Okay I'm over it.


Robin Saylor said...

You're my kind of mom!! I too am not a dog lover - but I may welcome this little guy in to my cyber world! Thanks for sharing.

patty-jean said...

hmmm perhaps we could do a trade (if you lived closer), we can lend you our 2 belgium shepherds and we'll borrow all your animals...i have 2 children so far, but it often feels like i have 4 w/ the 2 dogs, who recently ate the wedding cake i was making this past wknd (LOL)...i can manage dirty diapers much better than doggy accidents when they are ill - all the best with a cyber doggy -
blessings, from a fellow AR mama

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