Wednesday, January 30, 2008

~ For Grandma ~

Warning* cute pictures of my kids ahead...well, at least I think so. This post is for the grandmas and them alone.


Anonymous said...

I peeked!!!


patty-jean said...

All or your littles have beautiful eyes!!!

Laurie said...

Great pictures! The second picture in the line up of your daughter- her eyes look just like my 4 year old eyes!! Love them so big and brown and the eyelashes. =)

The Passionate Housewife said...

patty-jean~ Thanks! The boys were always mistaken as girls as babies, those darn eyes! :)

laurie~The big brown eyed girl is my younger daughter, we tell her she has delicious chocolate eyes! It must run in your family as well!

Ayne said...

Hey, I <3 your blog. You're such a dedicated mother and a good person.
I loved the pictures of your children. All of them have gorgeous eyes. And your girl, the one with brown eyes, I have never before in my life, seen such gorgeous brown eyes, mashAllah. May God bless them and keep all of you happy and healthy.

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