Wednesday, January 2, 2008

~ A Murder Mystery News Years Eve ~

We decided it might be fun to try a murder mystery party. We really didn't know what we were getting into with a pirate theme, but being adventurous decided to give it a go. We had some zany characters, an amazing costume, and an incredibly humorous Irish pirate!
All in all, it was a fun evening, maybe a little weird, but what can you expect when you dress up a bunch of adults in pirate costumes and ask them to act out all sorts of peculiar things.
It was made great by everyone being such great sports and going along for the ride.

That smoky appearance in some of the pictures, I'd like to say we added for dramatic flair but alas its to be blamed on the fire that started from pie drippings in my oven.
Ahh Blimey!!

The Cast of Characters were Captain Redbeard and Thumbless Jackey,
One-Eyed Wanda and Merciless Morgan, Sharktooth Brandy, and Buccuneer Bradshaw.

Mad Rose and Breathless Betty, who by the way were fighting over Merciless Morgan.....

Gurglin' Uma Scarr and Cutthroat MacPhearson, that would be the couple who had the crazy idea to have a night like this.

Here's our "genteel folk" We've got the Governor Napier and Commodore Clearing.

Sealegs Sam
and Antonia Napier.

Half way through the night there was a murder..... The Merciless Morgan was killed in cold blood...... so who did it?

Our very talented victim took on the role of lead investigator "Dirty Wiggins" and kept the ball rolling throughout the night. His pirate banter had a tinge of Irish accent which made it all the more humorous!

The suspect was the one that everyone least suspected....

I know he looks innocent, but he's guilty! The scalywag is an ex- pirate and killed Merciless Morgan to cover up his past! He hung at the gallows and is now an example to all other pirates of their fate....Ah Shiver Me Timbers!

Our drama Queen award went to Merciless Morgan and his second identity Dirty Wiggins. He's the one pretending to drink out of the empty champagne bottle. Our best dressed costume award went to Cap'n Redbeard, his costume was incredible!! Get a load of that parrot on his shoulder. By this point in the night Cap'n Redbeard was getting a little warm and had stripped off some of his costume. But here he is again....

Thanks to those that came and hopefully you still like us!
We maybe aren't as cool anymore as you used to think we were, but for some of you that left early you should have seen how cool we were when we got out the Karaoke machine!! Whose cool now?!! huh?!!

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Erin said...

Sorry I missed the fun -- I was in bed at 11:53 pm and very happy about it. Guess we are just not wild enough for you guys -- sorry we can't keep up. I am about 3 weeks older than you, ya know.
Thanks for the fun night of mystery and murder.

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