Thursday, January 17, 2008

~ A Homeschool Family ~

For those of you that know our family, You know that we homeschool. Some of you think we are strange already I'm sure, but after you watch this you might even be a little scared!!! :)
For those of you that do homeschool as well, I'm sure you will get a kick out of this!
My kids think it is hilarious!
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Homeschool Video (click here)

Here are the words if you are interested:

(To the tune of "The Addams Family")

Some people say we're goofy
Mysterious and spooky
Our neighbors think we're kooky
A homeschool family!

We drive a white conversion
We learn about the Persians
Our six year-old's a surgeon
A homeschool family!

We learn about creation
And classic education
We're sponsoring a Haitian
A homeschool family!

(deep Frankenstein-

type voice): Meek....unique....geek

The parents are the tutors
We build our own computers
We never go to Hooters
A homeschool family!

Have recess in the foyer
and then we read Tom Sawyer
Our nine year-old's a lawyer
A homeschool family!

We never leave our dwelling
Our children are excelling
They're champions at spelling
A homeschool fam--i--ly!


Dawnelle said...

I loved that one so much I had to put it on my blog- thanks for a laugh!

Love your blog, by the way!

Mama B said...

That is soooo funny! Thanks for the giggle! May I put it on my blog?

The Passionate Housewife said...

Of course! Enjoy!

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