Tuesday, October 28, 2008

~ The Least of These ~

I am burdened...I have been thinking about the American election lately as it is just around the corner.

So many Christians seem torn on the issues. I don't know all the ins and outs of the politicians, I don't have the time to follow it all. Yes, I agree McCain is not a shining example of Christianity.
However, I do know him and I share the same stance on abortion.

Here in Canada, being a socialist country, we have exactly what Obama is offering Americans, free abortion on demand. This means late term, partial- birth abortions. NO restrictions.

It's so difficult for me to wrap my head around the fact that in the same hospitals we give birth to our beautiful new little ones, that on just another floor FULL-term babies are being ripped from their mothers wombs, tortured, killed, or left to die. This IS legal here in Canada.

If the ban is lifted in the States, which is Obamas plan, than it will be IL-legal to even save, or rescue a baby who has survived an abortion. (this does happen)
If you are unfamiliar with Gianna Jessens story, go read it, watch her you- tube video. Compelling stuff. I actually saw her speak when she was a teenager. Her story is amazing. She is a product of a late term abortion. Left to die, burned, struggling to breathe with a will to survive, a nurse rescued her and took her home.

To my American readers, spend some time researching this, read others thoughts.
Take a couple of minutes and watch below. (turn off music in my sidebar)

My Canadian email friend Stephanie says:

"Please stop and think about this one thought. Abortion is the defining moral issue of our day, decade, century. Last century it was slavery. A few decades ago, it was the Holocaust, and the extermination of Jews.
Abortion may not be the only issue, but it is the moral issue that defines us as a culture (and in saying us, I am referring not just to your country, but to all of Western civilization)"

And ladies, join me, Pray...pray hard.

These are dark days... may God help us.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

~ Tough Love ~

Discipline, that word can conjure up so many feelings, and opinions. As a mom it's hard for us sometimes to follow through, to be consistent. At times we almost want to rescue our kids from the fate that they have laid out for themselves.

My almost 13 year old son has been struggling lately with his mouth. He is stubborn, and strong willed. Excellent attributes when used in a positive way. Unfortunately, he is using them to drive his momma bananas!

See I'm strong willed and stubborn too, so really it comes down to a battle of who is MORE stubborn. It can sometimes be exhausting emotionally correcting, and guiding an older child. They have their own opinions, thoughts, and justifications.

I need to show respect for that, but I also need to guide him into sharing these also with respect.
As of late he has struggled with this. Hence, I have had the privilege of disciplining him. Yes, I said privilege. I never said easy or enjoyable. These two things, it is not.

Tradesman and I are shaping a man. This is a privilege. This boy is on the verge of manhood. What an exciting and yet difficult time it will be.

Recently his mouth lost him a fun afternoon of freedom with his buddies at a homeschool event. This only comes around once every other year. A chance to hang with his friends all day, going on rides and tasting sweet independence in a safe environment.
Unfortunately, he spent the day following around his parents and younger siblings. He had a great attitude though and we enjoyed the day together despite both his and my disappointment in the lost opportunity.

Against all commonsense I wanted to save him that day. I wanted to take back the consequence. I didn't want him to miss out. It was so hard for me to stick to my guns and follow through.
I'm glad I did though. It was another lesson learned and another notch on his belt in his journey toward manhood.

This past weekend yet again I had to dish out another discipline. He knew he earned it, he was remorseful and preparing himself for a doozy.

Well, this is what he got.

This massive pile of wood had to be stacked in our shed for the winter. Nothing like hard labor to instigate a time of reflection. He again had a great attitude and accepted his punishment like a champ.

It took him 6 hours non- stop work with one 5 min. break for a snack I made him.
He completed it, I was proud of him, he was proud of himself. It was a big job, but a necessary one.

Discipline is love, they need to work hand and hand. Being tough means dishing out the discipline when its essential and then coming alongside your child and encouraging them.

Yes, you've earned this consequence, but come on lets move on, I believe in you, you CAN beat this weakness with the help of Christ. Let's spend time together, let's pray about this. Nothing you do can change my love for you.

My son actually said to me that he wondered if I could be stubborn enough. He wondered if he could ever push back too much, if there was a limit to me sticking with him, training him, disciplining him or if at some point I would give up.

I said never!! My love is unconditional, and I will never stop doing what it takes to help guide you into the great man you will be one day. I count it joy and a privilege to be a part of the work God has begun in you.

Besides, I'm more stubborn!

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