Sunday, November 29, 2009

Love in Abundance

Christmas came early this year.

When Tradesman and I were in the States the other night He bought me this.

Love in abundance. Could I describe my heart any better? Not only does it overflow for these precious babies now being held and cared for in heaven, but it bursts at the seam for all that I have been given.

An incredible husband who grieves with me, and still holds me and prays for me every night without fail. 6 sweet children who never let me go long without a smile, a laugh and well, a mess to clean up.

Though I will never have locks of hair to tuck into this wee box, little hands or foot prints, never will I have hospital bracelets, and birth anouncements, but I have this...

A promise that I will see you again. This time my eyes will not behold death, still little fingers and still little toes. Instead you will both curl sweet little hands around my fingers and I will kiss each of your wiggly little toes.

Thank you God for this promise. Thank you for an eternity that awaits.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


I just realized it is the American Thanksgiving today. So....

Happy Thanksgiving! (to my American readers) and uh, to my Canadian readers... um, not so much.

Man, I SO want turkey and stuffing! Since that is SO not gonna happen I am going to just write a thankful list instead.

~I am thankful for tradesman. Not only does he still make my heart go pitter patter and look so very HOT in black shirts, he is my very, very best friend, my beloved, and the only one I would want to be on this crazy journey called life with.

~I am thankful for my 6 children here on earth. They fill my days with laughter, messiness, food prep, kisses, adventure, craziness, and they fill a longing so deep within me for a real family. A longing I have had since I was a little girl.

~I am thankful for our house. We no longer trip over one another. After 12 years in a condo and 5 kids born there, it feels as if our half renovated, half disaster house and property are a palace. My kitchen is big and equipped to feed a small army. (which is what I usually do everyday)

~I am thankful for my new church. It seems as if we have finally found the right fit for our family.

~I am thankful for family and friends. During this time of trial we have seen Gods love shine through for us. We have felt His arms wrap around us in the form of comments, prayers, emails, and food. People that I didn't even know well including online readers have found a special place in my heart just because of their response in this time of need.

~I am thankful that I am a person of few words.

~Never mind.

~I am thankful for my sweet babies in heaven. All 4 of them. Because of the great sorrow that is now interwoven into every fibre of my being, I have a very real and deep ache for heaven.

~I am thankful for my Saviour who has blessed me with all of this for now.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Moving On

It's time to move on, right?

What does that look like exactly?

I guess getting out of bed for one thing, putting one foot in front of the other. Smiling at my children even if there are still tears running down my face.

Tradesman is back at work today. Hard for him to leave, it was hard for me to watch him.

I am comforted by the fact that many people are praying for us. More food came the other day. Despite my children's irresponsible parents who haven't stepped inside a grocery store or prepared anything for them, they are still eating.

I have been so touched how even complete strangers who are friends of friends have reached out. Honestly, if it hadn't been for some family and friends who have helped us in this manner I think we would have drown all the more.

During the times when tradesman and I just wanted to sit for hours reading and praying by the fireplace or lie down together crying, we could.

We didn't have to worry about how or what we were going to feed our other bewildered children.

Knowing that there are meals in the freezer for the coming days when everything seems so hard blesses me. It allows me to be a mama to my children who need me, and yet still a grieving woman.

We have decided to bury our babies here on our property. Tradesman plans on buying a box in the next couple of days. He wants to buy me a willow tree to plant near them in the spring. I have always wanted a weeping willow (how appropriate) in my yard someday. We will have a plaque made and have it screwed to a rock that will sit at the base of the tree.

Tradesman was outside yesterday walking around the side yard trying to find a place where I would be able to see the tree from my kitchen window. He kept waving and pointing his stake trying to get my attention. And all I could see was tiny, little fingers, and itty bitty little toes. The most beautiful, miniature bent little elbows.

These images will forever be engraved in my mind.

Finding normal may not be easy, but we will stumble through.

He draws near to those who draw near to Him. I think I will go sit at His feet for awhile.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Letter to my Babies

Dear Babies,

You were born late last night right into the arms of Jesus.

Daddy and I were scared, it was so very hard. I kept thinking that it was too soon, that this wasn't right. I wanted to keep you safe and sound and warm with me where you belong.

I knew with each stage that we were getting closer. It was so hard to go through it all knowing that my body wasn't working hard to bring life, but death.

I know that you are okay. I know that you are happy and so very loved exactly where you are. A beautiful new and perfect body you have been given.

Although your Heavenly Father chose not to restore you here on earth, I am comforted by the truth that you have been restored for glory.

I ache so very much for you both today. It's no longer "us" but just "me."

I think about all the things that I will never have with you both here on earth. That first incredible moment when you would enter the world with a cry and I would reach out to touch you, and comfort you for the very first time marveling at beautiful new life from my womb.

We will never rock together in my chair while I breathe in your sweet newborn smell. There will be no precious little suckling sounds at my breasts while I nourish your sweet little bodies.
Daddy and I will never get to nestle you both between us, tuck you in safe and sound, cuddling you in our bed. There will be no tangle of little legs and arms wrapped around us in the future making us laugh when we awake in the mornings.

No late night lullabies to help you sleep will be sung here.

Daddy had looked forward to getting to carry you in a sling. Mommy doesn't usually share that part very well but with two little babies, daddy would have finally gotten a turn.

There is something that you both need to know. You have the best daddy in the whole world here on earth. He is so strong around everyone else, and has been mamas rock.

When we are alone, he cries for you both. He never stopped praying for you and pleading for your lives. His faith has been my strength. And yet, his sorrow has been my comfort. I know that I am not alone in wanting you and loving you both.

We trust your Heavenly Father that He will keep you, love you, carry you until we can all be together again. There will be no sad tears, and it will feel like no time has been lost.

You will both always be a part of my very being. Never will a day go by that I won't think of you.

A piece of my heart you will carry in heaven until you are both given back to me.

Until that day when I can swaddle you against my chest, listening to your little hearts beat in rhythm, and feel your sweet baby breaths on my cheeks, I will remember you.


Your mama

Thank-you Lord for fulfilling the very deep desire of my heart, for giving me these babies, these sweet little twins to carry inside of me even for just a short while.

I know that you love them even more than I, so I will find peace in knowing that they are right where they are supposed to be.

Monday, November 23, 2009


Today we say goodbye to our precious little babies or today we stand in awe of a miraculous life-giving God.

Yes, we are still praying for a miracle. While most are sending us their condolences for our loss, we know some are still standing in the gap praying and petitioning for our babies lives.

God has had us on a journey this week. He has worked deep within our souls. We still feel called to pray and plead for our babies lives right until they leave my womb and God has clearly spoken.

It doesn't really matter what the doctors are saying. It doesn't really matter what the circumstances say. We serve an incredible God who heals, restores, and can bring to life.

We were encouraged by some to not grow weary or faint in our praying, to not lose heart. They promised to hold us up this week when we did. It has been a roller coaster of emotions.

Their faith spurred us on. Their encouragement reminded us that this is still not over.

Like Jesus teaches us how to pray in Luke 18:1 The parable of the persistent woman and the judge. She petitioned him relentlessly, so much so that he grew weary of her.

God does not grow weary of us. He wants us to call out to Him day and night and He bears long with us. He wants our faith.

Hebrews 11:1~ Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.
2nd Corinthians 5:7~For we walk by faith, not by sight.

Like the widow we have no assurance of what His answer will be. We do not know the mind of the Lord.

And yet, we still need to get out of the boat. I cannot help but feel like Peter when he saw Jesus walking on the water out towards the boat. Jesus called to him and told him to "Come".

John 14:30,31 ~ But when he (Peter) saw that the wind was boisterous, he was afraid; and beginning to sink he cried out, saying, "Lord, save me!" And immediately Jesus stretched out His hand and caught him, and said to him, "O you of little faith, why did you doubt?"

Despite the rocky waters this week, despite the storm, I will still obey. I will get out of the boat. I will hold fast to my faith.

The difference is, this time we already have our peace. This time we go in hoping for a miracle but at peace with His perfect plan. Steadfast faith pleases our Lord. Steadfast faith grows us.

Either outcome still benefits us. I truly believe that.

If I leave the hospital today without my precious babies, I will still stand in awe of His greatness, and of His might because despite the sorrow that I will feel, I will marvel at what He has done in me.

I will never be the same.

And for that, I thank you God.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Wow. We have been blessed.

Over the weekend food came. A few meals to feed our family, fruit and veggies to make our kids happy.

Tradesman and I had still not been able to drag our butts to the grocery store, nor was I able to find the energy to make something hot and yummy to nourish my loved ones.

Still vomitting and feeling nauseous along with the emotional turmoil just seems too big a hurdle to find normal.

Thankfully, we are surrounded by people that care, that took the time out of their busy, full lives to make a meal, bake something and we are told that some even donated money for a little grocery shop for us.

I was completely overwhelmed by the generosity and the thoughtfulness. I cried and cried in my kitchen.

One young couple who I taught a few years ago in our highschool homeschool group are now married. The young man insisted to tradesman that he and his sweet wife wanted to bring us out a meal. We live an hour from them. They drove all the way out here just to drop off food for us knowing that we would not be up for a visit. They never expected it. They came, blessed us and then left again. What a sweet sacrifice.

I have never felt the hands and feet of Jesus in His people as much as I have in the last couple of days.

Knowing that others care, that others are thinking about us and praying for us is such a comfort.

It was so nice to watch my children happily eating around the table looking normal and cheerful.

What a cherished gift in this stressful time.

Along with encouraging comments, messages, and scriptures this week, I also received a very precious poem. It came from a very sweet friend and family member.

Over the past week some have shared in the comments their losses. I have received emails from my email group of sad testimonies and stories. I know some of you have followed me over from the blog frog where I posted a question on missed miscarriage, there I read many stories that made me weep with you.

I wanted to share this beautiful little poem that was given to me hoping that it might bring you some comfort as it did me.

Gone to a place

So sweet, so divine, so perfect

For the innocence of an unborn child

Or two, Or three, Or four

Conceived in love; In His likeness

Where they can dance, and sing, and praise

Their Father For giving them a mother and a father

Who will love them through eternity

From afar

Who will remember and cherish them

In words, prayer, and honour

Who will name them

As their kin

As they deserve

Until they can see each other

For the first time

In paradise

In Heaven

Saturday, November 21, 2009


I have had so much time to think this week.

I have been trying to comprehend how Gods will works. This is obviously something that our very human minds cannot grasp.

Over last weekend God gave me so much scripture. When I put it all together it seemed to paint a certain picture. A picture I so very much wanted. I believed I was going to receive a miracle.

When tradesman laid his hands on my tummy and prayed, begged and pleaded for the lives of our unborn babies he spoke with such faith, conviction and strength. We had no doubt. Zero.

I had so much joy. It was indescribable. It oozed out of me. I had a peace that passeth all understanding. One scripture that I wrote on my hand and looked at constantly was

Psalm 147:13 ~"He has blessed your children within you." (NKJ)

When I was up in the wee hours last Saturday, I came across it. It shot out at me like a light in the dark. It seemed like His promise to me. Coupled with many other truths he brought me over the next few hours I felt empowered.

I have never experienced faith like that. I have never experienced such joy and peace in a trial before. It really was amazing.

When we left the hospital Monday, I felt so defeated, bruised, broken, betrayed. I felt like I had been to battle and lost. I felt like my God had forsaken me.
Such a lie from the pit of hell. Satan comes to lie, steal, destroy, and to kill.

God NEVER forsakes His people.

I am afraid that this is not going to come out right but I am going to express it anyway. I feel this would have been easier if it had been only one baby. Yes, I would have grieved in so much the same ways. I would have begged and asked for a miracle just the same. One baby is not less important than two by any means.

What has been so difficult about this whole trial has been a prominent question that we have both been grappling with.

Why grant me the very desire of my heart, pick such an intimate request, longing and hope stored up inside of me and then take it away?

Every good and perfect gift comes from God. This was my gift. Or was it?

What if the twins were not the gift?

What if the gift was the suffering?

We have read alot as a family about the persecuted church, and the many native missionaries elsewhere in the world. We pray on a regular basis for them.

So much hardship, so much suffering for the cause of Christ. They endure such trials, ones we cannot imagine in our comfy little lives here in North America.

So many of us who profess to be Christians are unwilling to suffer even just a little bit.

If we give, we give what we are asked to give biblically but not a penny more. We spend time and money on silly pursuits and possessions. We are unwilling to give up movies, books, music, and television that portrays nothing of Gods attributes. Most of it laughs in the face of God and all the things that He holds dear.

There is no worthy thing to be found in any of this. And yet we still gather, spend, and partake. We are unwilling to take a stand, think outside of our own lofty ideas on things of the world.

Many of us have never shared the gospel. We think thats the job of our pastors, missionaries, evangelists. Stepping outside of our comfort zones to talk to the coffee shop lady, the gas attendent, the momma next to you at the playground is just too much to ask.

We want to say we are Christians, we want to talk the talk but we don't want to fully embrace the walk.

Why do churches thrive where there is so much persecution? Why are people so willing to die for their faith?

They know something that we don't. They already have all that they need.

The promise of salvation. It is enough. They get it.

Their souls have been saved from an eternity of hell. And if we have accepted Gods gift and are seeking to live out His righteousness than ours have been as well.
If that was all there was, is it not enough?

Gods grace. He says My grace is sufficient for you. Do you believe that?

I have begun too.

The layers may need to be stripped off one by one. One sacrifice at a time. Not everyones sacrifices are going to look the same. Maybe its giving up our children, maybe its wealth, status, a wayward son or daughter, a spouse that will never be saved, a perfect family, a fulfilling marriage, a job, a home, even our health. It could be simply pride, or selfishness.

I have had the layers stripped off throughout the years. I have had to give up much. I felt Him restore me each and every time. Not without suffering, or pain and not without sacrifice.

I have prayed over the last year that God would continue to refine me, to use me, and equip me for His purpose. This was a test.

Could I give back a gift, what I believed to be a promise, and still trust Him. Would I continue to praise Him.


I will.

His mercies are new every morning. Great is Thy faithfulness.

Yet, I will praise you LORD !

Please Father, hear my heart in the song below.

Vineyard - Yet I Will Praise .mp3

Found at bee mp3 search engine

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In the grip of His grace,

Friday, November 20, 2009

A Reason to Smile

We interrupt this regular depressing, scheduled programming to bring you a special broadcast by baby My My.

I am so cute!

I am so cute when I steal mamas toothbrush and pretend to brush my teeth.

I am so cute when I pretend to spit in the sink like mama.

I am so cute when mama puts goofy hats on me with giant pom poms.

They accentuate my very yummy chubby cheeks.

Chubby cheeks is very much the in thing with babies right now ~ in case you didn't know.

I am so very cute when mama is sad.

And I take that job very seriously.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Got a call from an OBs office today. A clinic has been set up with him on Monday. This comes with strict instructions from my doctor, the OB and even the receptionist..sheesh.

If at any time I begin to have symptoms... a fever, a sore abdomen, cramping, feeling unwell, spotting, weird discharge, a blue toe, new grey hair, whatever, I am to go directly to emergency.

As if tradesman is not anxious enough. Now I will receive 4632 calls from him tomorrow checking in from work. I'm usually the neurotic one.

So we simply now wait.

I need to find some normalcy in the next handful of days for my children.

They have been such troopers this past week. The eldest two have held down the fort most of the time. They had to babysit for almost 2 long days while I was out of town with both hospital visits and doctor.

They have all eaten cereal for breakfast, lunch and supper everyday unless of course you count the pogos tradesman made for them one night. Not a far stretch nutritionally from cereal, but hey, they had protein. (is processed wieners technically protein?)

I need to do my job, I need to grocery shop, I need to stop crying.

I have no idea what next week holds, it could be back to cereal again.
For now, for the next couple of days I will try to make the best of them.

I will watch my little girls dance in the kitchen when they ask me too. I will read stories to my two little ones and I will look braver so my big boys don't keep feeling the need to reach out and hug me everytime they walk by.

Its funny. I could barely be seen without my Bible in hand during the weekend. I poured over the scriptures with abandon. I would awake during the night and reach for it, I would arise early and soak it up. My Bible came with me to the hospital and tradesman and I read constantly. When I sat alone in the little rooms, I took joy in His word.

I have not opened it since Monday.

Thankfully, His words are very much stored up in my heart, mind and soul. Scripture has come to me abundantly since Monday, but I have had no desire to open His precious word.

My prayers spilled out of me during the weekend. Like my reading it was day and night. I always had so much to say. Now I open my mouth and nothing comes out.

Tradesman has prayed enough for both of us. He holds my hand and prays for me. He reminds me that I don't need to have words, but just to be still before God. The Holy Spirit will groan on my behalf. I take comfort in this.

It is time to turn back to His word now. There I will find ~




and most of all, I will find my God whom I so desperately need.

Thank-you for your prayers, encouragement, scripture, kind words and love.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

One Day at a Time

I was back into town an hour away again today. I had to have a follow-up appointment with my doctor. At this point I have been referred away from my midwife.

My doctor will be setting up a clinic with an OB and we will go from there. I was hoping that my body would naturally take care of this from here. But it does not seem to be so. The babies are measuring smaller than my dates which means that they have been gone for a short while.

Not only is there a concern for infection but that at this point in the pregnancy (14 weeks) complicated by the fact that I am carrying twins it is also a high risk for hemorrhaging.

My midwife, two OBs at the hospital and now my doctor have all agreed on this.
I feel helpless to fight it.

I am a good 1/2 hr. from a hospital and I'm told that that is plenty of time to bleed out before I get there.

Tradesman is afraid to go to work. He doesn't want me to wait to start miscarrying at home and then end up in serious trouble fast and unable to get to the hospital on my own.

Why cannot this be simpler?

Doing something invasive just seems to add insult to injury. The idea of someone going in and cutting out my little babies is an image that is more than I can bear.

I know that they will not feel anything. I know that their tiny bodies are still and yet it does not seem right nor bring me any comfort.

We cry out to God asking for an answer and yet He is silent on this. We have no peace.


This is the song that started playing in my van today right after I drove by a mom walking her twin babies in a tandem stroller.

(If you would like to hear it and follow along with the lyrics click below-there is no video just music. Remember to turn off my music in my sidebar)

My Heart Will Fly ~ Mercy Me
Why this happened I cannot explain
Why write the script with such heartache and pain
Could there not have been an easier way
Watching life through this glass so faded
I cannot see the bigger picture taking place
Oh to understand one day
My heart will fly
When I finally see you face to face
And my tears will fly away, away
It won’t be long 'till we all go home
With all things revealed
and on that day we’ll finally know
Oh, as we are fully known
My heart will fly
When I finally see you face to face
And my tears will fly away, away
And what appears as incomplete
Is still completely Yours
And one day we’ll see as we’ve been seen
And we’ll soar
My heart will fly
When I finally see you face to face
And my tears will fly away, away

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Laying them Down

4 days.

That's all it took to shake my faith to the very core. Oh how fickle we can be.

I am not immune to suffering. I could share many times in my life where it felt as if the pits were too deep, where the valleys were so very low. Life has not been all cheery and a bed of roses.

Miscarriage has stolen 2 other babies from my arms. What's so different this time?

Honestly, it feels as if I am being stripped bare, that those things in which I hold as so great a passion, as so very much a part of my very being are being all torn away.

There are not many in my life that can probably understand the very deep longing in my heart and soul for twins. One friend that I have had for years would probably be the closest besides tradesman. She has heard my laments throughout the years. Embarrassingly, she has seen my covetousness, and envy with each twin pregnancy that has been announced. I am ashamed to say that some of the pregnancies I was annoyed with. God had bestowed this blessing on some who wanted to end their childbearing, some who really weren't sure that this was a gift they wanted. (That changed of course)

I remember questioning God "Why not me Lord?" I will embrace them, nurse them, hold them, laugh at the craziness of it all and live each day in wonder and awe of such a fascinating gift. I felt ashamed of my jealousy. I prayed for each pregnancy that I heard about. Thanking God for giving that precious gift to them. Asking Him to reveal to them what an incredible joy it would be. Praying that they would see how very fortunate they were.

I realize that I sound selfish. I am just being real.

I have been given 6 precious, healthy babies. Raising them to serve and love the Lord with all of their heart is my greatest desire. I look at this as the very reason for my existence.

"What is the chief end of man?"
"To glorify God and enjoy Him forever."

With each child He has bestowed on me I have taken the task very seriously. Pouring into them all that He has stored up in my heart.
Glorifying God by my daily actions, being sanctified in the difficulties, reaching, overcoming, persevering.

I do not take for granted how very blessed I am that I have been fertile and that my womb has been fruitful.
Barrenness is a pain so deep, so gut wrenching that I will not pretend to know how it could possibly feel.

Women lose their babies everyday. One woman I know recently lost her second baby after only 1 week of fighting for his little life here on earth. She has had to endure two full pregnancies only to have them end both in tragedy. To birth a child so full of promise and hope and then watch helpless as their little life is snuffed out of them only just a short time later. This kind of pain is not fair.

Losing a child at any age after you have given and poured into them so much, loved them, dreamed of their future and thanked God daily for them. I do not know this pain. I pray to God that I never do.

My pain is very real though. It engulfs me. It threatens to cripple me.

I guess its because I saw their little bodies, I felt the magic of it all. I fell so very much in love with them and the promise of the future. I felt God had reached down and given me the very desire of my heart. I felt so unworthy and in awe of His gift to me.

It felt personal, like He really saw me, saw my heart, my very real longings, my deepest desires and that He chose to grant them to me.

On Friday when they told me that there were no heartbeats, I chose to not believe it. I would not accept it. God had specifically given me this gift, He would not take it away. The weekend was spent in much prayer, praise and hungrily searching the scriptures. We went into Monday with renewed strength awaiting a miracle.

Yesterday, when it was again confirmed that indeed our little ones has lost their lives it just felt like a cruel joke. I was so very angry.

However, God is not in the business of cruel jokes. Every good and perfect gift comes from above. We cannot see the big picture. We cannot understand His ways and why He allowed this to happen.

I will hold steadfast to His promise that He works ALL things according to His purpose and for the GOOD of those who love Him.

Oh Father, I lay my precious babies down at the foot of the cross, I give them back to you. Not my will, but yours be done.

Monday, November 16, 2009

~ He gives and He takes away. Blessed be the name of the Lord. ~

We spent hours at the hospital today.

3 people came into the room to tell me my babies were dead.

I watched their little lifeless bodies on the screen in disbelief.
The beautiful, promising little flicker that beats in rhythm was just an unmoving, silent white blur on both of their small forms. And yet somehow, it screamed at me as if it could be the only thing heard in the room.

I felt as if I might stop breathing at any moment. The room felt so dark and depressing and yet moments before it had felt full of expectation and hope.

I had so many emotions while I lied there. Honestly, I cannot share them all right now. I will write throughout the week what the two days leading up to today held.

Tonight as I write this my babies are still tucked away safe in my womb. I hold them and cherish what little time I have left.

My body has not yet received the message that it is no longer needed to nurture these precious wee ones. I spent 30 mins over the toilet this morning vomiting continually until my stomach muscles ached. Its strange still feeling pregnant.

Nothing has changed, and yet everything has.

These two little ones now join our other two babies that have been lost throughout the years in heaven.
4 sweet children awaiting us in heaven.

Can I confess that I want these babies here on earth? Can I confess that it hurts so much I feel as if I'm suffocating?

(Turn off music in my sidebar)

Broken but not consumed,

Friday, November 13, 2009

~ I will Praise You in this Storm ~

I am 13 weeks pregnant.

Yesterday I was elated to see TWO beautiful babies on the ultrasound screen.
It has been my hearts desire to have twins for as long as I can remember. I secretly have hoped each and every time that I have been expecting that just maybe there might be two little ones nestled together in my womb.

As I laid on the bed and stared in wonder, I felt that my greatest desire had been fulfilled. I left there in awe and amazement. I literally floated all afternoon and into the evening. When I called Tradesman, he got all choked up. After he ended his call with me he went out to the driveway of the customers house that he was at and dropped to his knees right there beside his van praising God for His gift to us, for His sovereignty and His goodness.

Last night we whispered and laughed, prayed and dreamed about all that was to come.

Today we received a call.
Our babies had died. A heartbeat could not be found on either of our babies.

We are bewildered, broken but not without hope. I will be going in for another ultrasound on Monday.
Two days to pray, trust and hope for a miracle.

He is still God and He is still on the throne.

We will praise Him if our babies are alive and well. We will praise Him if our babies are truly gone.

Please pray with us this weekend.

If you could leave a comment letting me know you are praying, I would find great encouragement in that over the weekend.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

~Encouragement for Moms~

You’re up all night with a screaming baby

You run all day at the speed of life

And every day you feel a little bit less

like the beautiful woman you are

So you fall into bed when you run out of hours

and you wonder if anything worth doing got done

Well maybe you just don’t know

or maybe you’ve forgotten

That you, you are changing the world

one little heartbeat at a time

Making history with every touch and every smile

Oh you, you may not see it now

but I believe that time will tell

how you, you are changing the world

one little heartbeat at a time

With every, “I know you can do it”and every tear that you kiss away

So many little things that seem to go unnoticed

they’re just like the drops of rainover time, they become a river

And you, you are changing the world

one little heartbeat at a time

Making history with every touch and every smile

Oh you, you may not see it now

but I believe that time will tell

how you, you are changing the world

one little heartbeat at a time

You’re beautiful, so beautiful

how you’re changing the world,

yeah you’re changing the world

You, you are changing the world

one little heartbeat at a time

Making history with every touch and every smile

Oh you, you may not see it now

but I believe that time will tell

how you, you are changing the world

I believe that you, you are changing the world

one little heartbeat at a time

~Steven Curtis Chapman

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"Give her the reward she has earned and let her works bring her praise at the city gate."

~Proverbs 31:31

You are changing the world mamas.


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