Wednesday, April 29, 2009

~ A Most Holy Work ~

Oh, mothers of young children, I bow before you in reverence. Your work is most holy. You are fashioning the destinies of immortal souls. The powers folded up in the little ones that you hushed to sleep in your bosoms last night, are powers that shall exist forever. You are preparing them for their immortal destiny and influence. Be faithful. Take up your sacred burden reverently. Be sure that your heart is pure and that your life is sweet and clean.

~J.R. Miller, The Family

Thursday, April 16, 2009

~ BabyLicious! ~

Baby Myahna and I decided to have a little photo shoot. It was all about the celebration of body rolls, baby Myahnas body rolls, not mine...


Just look at that 4 pack! Oh my word! If only I could boast of such a wonder, oh wait... never mind.

Do you remember being able to do this? Not sure Id ever recover, and um, thinking it might not look as charming.

That's right baby, only you can pull this kind of stuff off!

Chunky, bald and drooly ~ Who knew that those words could actually describe something this delicious!

Well, as you can see its been a very long hard winter for my little one and she has practically withered away to nothing.

Enough with the paparazzi!

I am outta here!

Oh alright!

One more, just 'cause I want to be absolutely sure everyone knows that fat and roly is cute...just like my mama.


Sunday, April 5, 2009

~ Resurrection Eggs ~

It's that time of year again where we really spend time reflecting on the sacrifice of our Lord and celebrate his miraculous resurrection.

My sister in law (have I mentioned before how wonderful she is?) gave my children these really neat eggs years ago. Since then it has become a very much anticipated tradition in our home.
We spend time each day on the 12 days leading up to the anniversary of the resurrection reading through a devotional retelling the story of Christs death and Him rising again.

Each egg possesses an important part of the story. It is a tangible way to portray the story from beginning to end. It also helps to set the tone in our home, and make sure the focus is where it ought to be. There weren't any chocolate bunnies and easter baskets at the cross.

Even the big boys look forward to opening an egg to again see whats inside. Each egg has a corresponding devotional to be read aloud as well as scripture verses to look up.

If you are looking for something like this to add to your family traditions, you can purchase this at You might be able find it at your local Christian bookstore as well.

I hope and pray that your week is filled with activities and thoughts that focus on the incredible sacrifice of our Saviour, and may you be blessed because of it.


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