Thursday, April 16, 2009

~ BabyLicious! ~

Baby Myahna and I decided to have a little photo shoot. It was all about the celebration of body rolls, baby Myahnas body rolls, not mine...


Just look at that 4 pack! Oh my word! If only I could boast of such a wonder, oh wait... never mind.

Do you remember being able to do this? Not sure Id ever recover, and um, thinking it might not look as charming.

That's right baby, only you can pull this kind of stuff off!

Chunky, bald and drooly ~ Who knew that those words could actually describe something this delicious!

Well, as you can see its been a very long hard winter for my little one and she has practically withered away to nothing.

Enough with the paparazzi!

I am outta here!

Oh alright!

One more, just 'cause I want to be absolutely sure everyone knows that fat and roly is cute...just like my mama.



CE said...

Sherri, the pictures are fabulous! I love the captions under each of them. It brought a big smile to my face. I read a couple of your blogs and really enjoyed reading them. You write so beautifully and it is clear to hear your passion and heart. Thanks for your blog link. I will be sure to check out more later. I am going to bed now. Hope to talk again soon. Love, Carla Dew

MUMS REA said...

Breastmilk, baby!!! yay!!!

Dawnelle said...

oh, she is SO adorable, and she has those same beautiful eyes that your other girls have, I remember those eyes! So cute! What a fun post!

Erin said...

Too cute!!

Anonymous said...

Mmm yes I think some things do lose their charm with age ha ha. I should know!! Isn't it great we have the wee ones to enjoy. They are so delightful.


Robin Saylor said...

Are you sure I can't have her?

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