Thursday, November 26, 2009


I just realized it is the American Thanksgiving today. So....

Happy Thanksgiving! (to my American readers) and uh, to my Canadian readers... um, not so much.

Man, I SO want turkey and stuffing! Since that is SO not gonna happen I am going to just write a thankful list instead.

~I am thankful for tradesman. Not only does he still make my heart go pitter patter and look so very HOT in black shirts, he is my very, very best friend, my beloved, and the only one I would want to be on this crazy journey called life with.

~I am thankful for my 6 children here on earth. They fill my days with laughter, messiness, food prep, kisses, adventure, craziness, and they fill a longing so deep within me for a real family. A longing I have had since I was a little girl.

~I am thankful for our house. We no longer trip over one another. After 12 years in a condo and 5 kids born there, it feels as if our half renovated, half disaster house and property are a palace. My kitchen is big and equipped to feed a small army. (which is what I usually do everyday)

~I am thankful for my new church. It seems as if we have finally found the right fit for our family.

~I am thankful for family and friends. During this time of trial we have seen Gods love shine through for us. We have felt His arms wrap around us in the form of comments, prayers, emails, and food. People that I didn't even know well including online readers have found a special place in my heart just because of their response in this time of need.

~I am thankful that I am a person of few words.

~Never mind.

~I am thankful for my sweet babies in heaven. All 4 of them. Because of the great sorrow that is now interwoven into every fibre of my being, I have a very real and deep ache for heaven.

~I am thankful for my Saviour who has blessed me with all of this for now.


Carl said...

Dearest Sherry:
Happy U.S.A. Thanksgiving to you too!! I so wish I could deliver one of our Thanksgiving on Wheels dinners to you and your family too, but I'm afraid it's a bit too far to travel considering we're in Fla. right now.
Sherry, you have touched our hearts during your deep trial of recent days. We have prayed with you, cried with you, hoped with you, mourned with you. We, too, know the deep feelings of sadness and loss you're experiencing....we have six precious little grandbabies we've never had the joy of meeting here on earth and who are now being cuddled and cared for in their Heavenly Home.
Sherry, I can't offer any great words of wisdom that will heal the pain you're feeling right now. The Lord loves you and treasures you deeply...The fact that He gave you these two little lives and then took them can only trust in His love and grace and the fact that He knows and gives what is best. What a comfort to know He is caring for all our precious little babies!! What a wonderful and merciful Father He is !!
Will continue to keep you in prayer.
Love, Nancy

Dawnelle said...

what a wonderful post. I love your blog, and your honesty/openness lately has been so moving. Happy Thanksgiving to you-

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