Friday, January 4, 2008

~ Christmas Cleanup ~

This really is a fabulous site to behold.
It means I finally got all my Christmas decorations packed away! It should have taken only an afternoon, but because I tend to be a bit of a spaz, and get bored easily- I dragged it out a couple of days.
I won't show you the 5 million pine needles on my carpet because we forgot to put one of those bag thingys under our Christmas tree this year.
It seems as if the tree decided to wait until my dear hubby was carting it or should I say bumping it against every piece of furniture imaginable to then shed its entire glorious greenery onto my livingroom.
By the time my husband triumphantly placed that tree outside, it was one very naked trunk.
But, I'm done, and besides who doesn't like the smell of spruce still coming from their vacuum in the middle of July?

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