Saturday, January 5, 2008

~ Fowers with an ulterior motive ~

Aren't these pretty? My sweet hubby brought these home for me yesterday. I love flowers, and my husband knows this well. But there is something else my husband has learned from being married to this wifey of his for almost 14 years. When my husband brings me flowers I tend to clean up within a fifty foot radius the entire area in which the flowers have been placed. I mean really clean. Vacuum, dust, scrub you name it. Its like I can't enjoy the sheer ambiance of the flowers unless everything is perfect around them...coo coo I know!
This darling hubby of mine has been known to strategically place flowers in areas that have been... lets say neglected? Sneaky, isn't he?!
As I mentioned yesterday I have been trying to get motivated enough to clean up all the Christmas decorations. I had gotten as far as stripping the tree and stockpiling every other decoration in the living room. So low and behold, what do I find in my living-room yesterday? Subtle , isn't he?
Do I ever feel blessed to have a husband who is ever patient with his sometimes slobbish wife.

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