Friday, January 18, 2008

~ Sleeping Beautys ~

My husband and I feel like we are really entering a new stage in life. Our eldest child has now reached the age of where we can leave him fully responsible for an evening while Tradesman and I are out on the town. At a buck an hour, he is darn cheap too!
All of our younger children are quite capable of taking care of themselves and our 2 year old looks at our eldest son as a smaller version of us. The two of them are quite close and so we have the confidence and security of knowing that we are leaving him in responsible, nurturing, loving hands.
I must admit, it is a taste of freedom that we are relishing.

When we came home from Bible study one night, this is the sight that awaited us....

Is there anything more precious than watching your children sleep?....yes watching two of your children curled up together sleeping!
Seeing our eldest child snuggling in our bed with our youngest child was such a tender sweet moment for us.

So take heart mothers who still only have little ones at home...Your day is coming!

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SpillQueen said...

that one brought tears to my eyes I love watching my children sleep how sweet your eldest took your youngest to your bed he knew they BOTH would find rest there I love your blog you have a way with words!! God blees, Britta

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