Saturday, January 26, 2008

~I'm Cold ~

You know your house is cold when....

  1. Your second love in bed is your hot water bottle.
  2. Your butter is still rock hard at room temperature.
  3. When others are undressing for bed, you are adding layers.
  4. The kids sleep in their clothes to avoid any exposure of skin to frigid air while changing.
  5. Someone drops by and thinks they have caught you on your way out 'cause you are wearing your're not going anywhere.
  6. Your fantasy purchase is currently an electric blanket.
  7. Your husbands come on line is "Honey, it will warm you up" and it works every time.
  8. Your fridge broke 2 months ago, but you don't need it, counters are working just fine.
  9. You find yourself asking your husband bizarre questions at night while getting ready for bed like ~ " Sweetie, did you remember to put the fish in the microwave?" ~true story.
  10. You've become so acclimatized to arctic temperatures that when you are visiting someone else's home you wish you had brought your shorts.
  11. 4 children are crammed into one set of bunk-beds and love it.
  12. And last but not least this is what a cozy night on the couch in your living-room looks like...


Highday said...

What!!! Did your heater break? It is soooo cold up there anyway. That picture made me laugh. Great post!


passionate housewife said...

No, I wish it was just a broken heater, that would mean it could be fixed!
We live in a house that was built in 1854 and costs a small fortune to heat so um, we don't.
We live at 64 degrees and in some rooms its only 62. In the evening it drops to 56 degrees. We might as well live in an igloo!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sherry - I have lots of wool winter work socks if that will help!! chris and Mike have worked outside through the winter in past years. I'm sure we have some long johns too!!

lol Love, JD

The Passionate Housewife said...

JD~ I'm sure if I sported those wool socks and long johns, it would be a big hit with tradesman! :)

Salty Star said...

I could have written this one myself a couple months ago. I'm from Florida, and this past winter was my first winter up north! The first half of it we were still living in our cozy apartment with electric heating. Then in Feb. we moved to a 1940's home with original (read, inefficient) windows and doors, a broken heater (that fortunately my amazing DH could fix), and fuel oil heat. It cost us nearly $1,500 to heat part way through feb, then march and part of april. And we STILL had to keep it at 62-64 during the day. At night it went to 56. I empathize with your photo! My DH would look at it and wonder when I had that picture taken of me, LOL!

Rosemary Van said...

Too funny! We heat our house with wood-normal everyday temp is 18'-19'. It goes down to 15' sometimes at night. If we go to someone's house I usually wear a t-shirt or I'll have to take my clothes off! I thought we were the only people who live like this?

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