Wednesday, January 2, 2008

~ A Resolution ~

The start of a new year brings promise. A chance yet again to make things new. Really its a fresh start, a clean slate.
I love that. I'm sure everyone is making their "New Years Resolutions" to lose weight, take that vacation they've been dreaming of, get that promotion or go back to school.
I am definitely not against losing some pounds, not by any means. Getting healthy is always a good thing, but I'm thinking bigger this year. I have some small scale goals, sure. But what am I most focused on? What am I most excited about? Its nothing fancy, nothing worth mentioning probably. Its as simple as:
How am I going to impact others this year?
What can I do that might lighten someone else's load, how could I bless someone, encourage someone, make someone feel loved and cared for.
It seems to be such a humble, no fanfare, boring goal to some maybe. Unimportant, silly really.
I look around and see such a hurting world, so many sad, lost people. Everyone's looking for validation, looking to be appreciated. Those that think they have it altogether are just as lost as everyone else in a different way. Their pursuit is of the unreachable...respect from someone who is incapable of giving it, love and appreciation from somewhere that's not possible, more money, more things to fill the ever growing hole in their life.
What is it that we can possibly do?
As women we are nurturers by nature. We want to reach out, our hearts are affected by the pain of others. We have at our sides our greatest assets! Our children. What we pour into these children's lives each day is of great importance. Its not trivial by any means. What we give out, they give out.
I got the greatest compliment not long ago. A family member had come over to my house with a friend of hers I had never met before. This friend has been having a difficult time for awhile and is hurting. They had dinner with the kids and I and a lovely visit. The next day I was told that her friend after getting in the car to leave said that my children were like therapy. She had so enjoyed being at our house and spending time with my kids that she said whenever she felt sad or depressed she was going to drive all the way out to my place. This got me emotional, I was truly touched. I love hearing compliments about my children's behavior, their manners how helpful and kind they are, all of us mothers do. But, to hear that we affected someones heart, that we touched someones soul, that is the greatest compliment of all. She said that she really had never been interested in having kids before but thought that I made the whole thing look like fun.
Wow, am I ever glad she didn't see me on a day where I was wallowing in self-pity, or being short-tempered with my kids! I have the greatest life, and the greatest privilege. I have the opportunity and gift to not only raise these children each day, but I have the responsibility to help them see a bigger picture then themselves. I want to raise "culturally literate" children. Children that see and understand the world in which they live and desire to think outside of themselves in order to make a difference in others lives. Kids are growing up so self-absorbed, unable to see outside their own circumstances, their own whims and desires.
Its funny how words of the Bible are still recognized by society as "golden rules." Jesus Christ said you should "love your neighbor as yourself." In my house that translates as "Put others needs, wants and desires above your own." My kids have all heard that out of my mouth countless times since very young.
My plan this year is to put that into action the best I can.
2 Corinthians 5:20 ~ As though God were making his appeal through us.

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