Monday, January 7, 2008

~ My Tradesman ~

Some like a GQ man, some like a jock, others a musician, a businessman, or an engineer.
If you're like me though it's....a tradesman.
Just saying that word brings a smile to my lips and a blush to my face.
My husband is a tradesman.
When he gets home and plants a kiss on me, I still get belly sparks.
The salty taste of his lips, evidence of a hard days labor, the faint whiff of sawdust or carpet fibers still makes my head spin. I know it sounds crazy, but tis true.

We women are all different and so are the men in our lives. Yet, we all have some basic need to be adored. We want our husbands to find us lovely.
Yes, even when they come home and we haven't washed our hair in 4 days, there's spit up, or play dough on our shirt, our outfit leaves much to be desired and we are pretty sure their might even be marker on our face. We all have this daydream that he doesn't see all that, that really he just wants to look longingly into our eyes and tell us that we are all he could think about all day.
Come on, be honest, you know you've been there!

These hardworking men in our lives need our adoration as well. Take a trip down memory lane and remember what it was that made you fall in love with your husband.
Was it his strong silent presence, his funny stories, his laugh, his ability to fix everything, his charm, his tenderness, his friendship, his loyalty, charisma? Think back, remember when you couldn't get enough of him. Dwell on those attributes because they are still there and a very real part of that man of yours!
Now when he walks in the door next time, you be sure to march right over there and tell him how all you could think of today was him!
Make sure he knows what you love about him and then plant a big old kiss on those lips of his!
I promise you, you won't regret it!
There might even be some belly sparks!

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patty-jean said...

i wanted to mention, that i thought it was funny that you "don't share chocolate"...i can identify, i have a small stash of Godiva Chocolate amongst books and magazines in my reading basket!

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