Thursday, January 31, 2008

~ A New Treasure ~

I want to shout it from the rooftops, call everyone I know...I am expecting!!
God has honored me by blessing me with another child. I feel so full, so utterly happy!
"What?!" Some may say. You already have 5 children, isn't that enough? Why add to your burden? Why make your life more difficult or tiring?

Children are a gift, a blessing!! I've been given something special, something to not take lightly. Praises should be on my lips each morning, prayers of thankfulness each evening. What an Awesome God I serve!
Society has demeaned the having of children, abortion is at its worst, the rampant use of birth control in the churches, every child is looked at as something of an inconvenience or a life drainer, a burden at worst.
Mothering is considered a chore, a substitute for a "real job."
Even among Christian mothers there is a common notion that what we do is laborious, arduous work. Its the norm that nights out with the girls, or a day out on your own is a necessity or a even requirement. I deserve it, or I need it!
Really?...doesn't God supply all our needs, aren't we asked "to do nothing out of selfish ambition."
I'm not saying that we should never go out, or that we should never have time alone. There just needs to be a thought process adjustment.
The time out is not the reward, the children are the reward! Each day that we serve and care for our family is a priveldge!
We can pat ourselves on the back for choosing the sacrificial job of staying home with our children to raise them ourselves and some of us even homeschooling them. But if we are not truly embracing where we are, if we are always looking for distractions or relief, then we are doing ourselves and our children a great disservice.

We as a family just watched "An Arctic Tale" recently. We loved it.
Something I found interesting was that in the walrus herds babies are rarer then some creatures and so are very important to the whole group. The entire herd treats this baby as a treasure, she or he is valued highly.
We should all look at each child or each potential child as a God-given treasure to value.
Please watch this short video, it brought me to tears with gratefulness for the 5 soon to be 6 treasures I have been entrusted with.
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mamazee said...

loved the post and the video (made me cry) - congratulations, Sherry! you make such beautiful little people and i'm so excited for you that God is blessing you with one more :) - what do your girls think?

paige said...

i feel your excitement~ today is my due date with my sixth child ~ plus 2 lost to miscarriage ~. We can't wait for little bun to make an appearance & after our loss last year, have been reminded afresh of how blessed we are.
(Stephanie's sister)

Mary Stanley said...

Congratulations Sherry and family! This is exciting news. See you tomorrow. Don't worry about the infant carrier. I actually bought one at a store here in London. Hope to see you tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Hey congratulations - I knew it was only a matter of time. Your dream of 6 has been realized. I'm grinning from ear to ear.

Luv JD

The Passionate Housewife said...

Mamazee~ thanks so much! The girls are thrilled, especially my older one who will be 7 soon. This is her chance to really be a little mini momma. :)

paige~ I visited your blog and your website, your stories made me weep. Your poetry was so raw, I could feel your pain. I pray your delivery with your new little gift will be shortly and beautiful. You and Stephanie are so blessed to have each other.

Mary~ Thankyou. I can hardly wait to see your new little babe and smell him or her at HIGH day. Hopefully soon...:)

JD~God is so good, I myself can't stop grinning either! Hope to see you soon.

patty-jean said...

So Very Exciting! Congratulations!!!!! May you have a wonderful pregnancy!

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