Friday, January 11, 2008

~ A New Day ~

Do you wake each morning with a spring in your step? No? How 'bout after coffee?
If you answer yes to that, I admire you.
I'm guilty at times, of dwelling on the unimportant stuff. It then seeps negativity into each and every other thing I do that day.

Really what could we possibly have to be negative about?
Did we sleep last night in a warm cozy bed uninhabited by bugs? Did we wake up to see beautiful healthy children whose bellys we have the ability to fill with the resources we have available to us?
When you looked around were you surrounded by things that make your day to day life and chores easier? Were there reminders of precious memories and beauty that caught your eye as you went about your morning?

How incredible that this is the life you and I have!! We were chosen for such a time and place as this!
With all that women endure around the world, do you ever just stop and think "Why me?"
"Why have I been given so much?"
What ever sufferings or grievances we may have- can they really ever compare to the devastation and turmoil that families coexist with in so many other places in the world?

Self-pity is such a sneaky thing. Without even realizing it we can find ourselves caught in its sticky web. From there the more we fret the more we worry the more we dwell, we are tossing ourselves around just getting further pulled down and tangled up. Our joy is consumed and we are left as nothing but an empty shell of what we could be.

Its time to wake up! We need a fresh vision! We can embrace each day joyful and fully satisfied. (Prov.31:25)
"This is the day that the Lord has made we will rejoice and be glad in it!" (Psalm.118:24)

It's a new day and what a glorious day it will be!!

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