Sunday, January 13, 2008

~Back to the Basics~

As a homeschooling mom I have the honor of teaching my children many things.
My biggest priority is obviously to pass on my love for God and a passion for his word.
In this very scary, disturbed world children need some kind of backbone, an absolute to measure every experience and choice up against. There has to be some kind of foundation built on in which they are able to find strength and solidarity in an ever changing world.
The views on how to live your life all around them are wishy-washy and some outright dangerous. If it feels good "Do it", if you want it "Get it!"
No wonder there are so many pregnant young girls, and strung- out teens.
I worry about this "Me" mentality. How are these children who are growing up with parents indulging almost every whim and desire going to respond when they hit the real world? Parents who are so afraid of squelching their children's creativity and spirit that they actually inhibit the child's growth of character and resilience.
Will they have what it takes to work hard for something? Will they be able to stand up against any opposition?
I have seen adults having full blown temper tantrums, I myself have been guilty of it. The world is full of adults who give up easily, believe everything is owed them, constantly live in a state of denial, their mantra is "Life's not fair!"

Well of course life's not fair! Who ever promised it was going to be!
It's only when we teach our children to look outside of their own circumstances and look to the many needs of others can they have any chance of growing into a responsible asset to society.

Thats why I love the Bible.
There are countless examples we can point our children to. Men, women who persevered, gave unselfishly, overcame obstacles, and lived a life of excellence. Some fell and they fell hard but they got back up thanks to an ever Gracious ever Forgiving Heavenly Father.
When we are training our children each day we need to keep in mind the future and the desired outcome. Our good intentions can actually cripple our children if we are looking to society for answers.
We need to get back to the basics...
Gods Holy Word.

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