Sunday, December 30, 2007

~ Brotherly Love ~

I love the dynamics of a family when you have older siblings and little ones. There is just such a sense of commitment , a wealth of love and an incredible bond between the young people and the little babes.
This was no more evident in our house last month, for our two year olds birthday.
The kids had all scurried off the afternoon previous to make cards for their little brothers big day, while I busied myself with some chores that needed doing.
The next morning when we greeted the little guy in bed with cupcakes complete with a candle the kids all pulled out their cherished homemade cards for him. I had actually forgotten about the cards and had meant to give them some special stickers to use, but apparently that was unnecessary.
They had all spent extra special attention to decorating the cards with stuff they knew he would love. Pictures of bears, drawings of cows and the number 2 was plastered all over these precious cards. The older boys had completed theirs with pockets, animal searches, and cute drawings.
But nothing was more touching than the cute little words my older boys had composed for their little brother.

This was the poem written inside my 9 year olds card:

You are two and I don't know what to do
I am not the oldest of this house
But still to me your as little as a mouse
I can't believe your two
So I can't think of what to give you
I'd like to give you a trunk of toys
Or a movie night with the boys
Just ask me what you want me to do
And I will make it true for you

This is the letter and acrostic that my 12 year old had written to the little guy:

Munchy (our nickname for him)

I love you so much!
I'm so glad that God sent me a brother like you! You're the only brother that I have had to "baby" and I guess I can kiss that goodbye now that you're two.
You're officially a "widdle" boy.

My little brother
Unbearable is my love for you
New two year old
Holy cow you're cute!
Yep, youre the best!
Yes, these might not be as eloquent or as highly literate as girls this age would do, but for what it was lacking, it made up for in simple, boyish charm.
So this momma took off her homeschool hat, put on her momma one and reveled in it alone.

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