Sunday, December 16, 2007

~ Desperate Housewives? ~

Scantily clad and sleeping with the pool boy,
uptight, stuckup, and a perfect Martha in the kitchen,
oh and lets not forget drowning in diapers, dishes and domestic boredom.
Is this what we women who choose to stay at home are all about?

Are there really only 3 catagorys that we can be slotted into?
I’m having a hard time figuring out which one fits me best.
Okay… not really, I can count out the first one. (I don’t have a pool)
The second one, well how uptight can you be if you’ve got 5 children?
The third one …have you ever tried chasing a toddler through the house with a diaper in hand while shouting out spelling words, knowing you just left the faucet running at the sink and the 4 year old unattended with the electric mixer still in the bowl of cake batter…um crazy yes, but definetly not boring!!

Its sad really for those of us who have chosen, key word there “chosen”, to be “housewives” that this is how we are portrayed secularly.

I am desperate at times and I’m not talking about desperately trying to dig my way out of 20 loads of laundry or desperately trying to lose those 10 pesky pounds or even desperately trying to clean the house in 20 mins before guests arrive.

I am desperately longing to be filled . No person or earthly thing, can even begin to meet the need of my soul!
All the world has to offer are just trappings.

Trappings, I love that word because it best describes what temptation results in.
Buying stuff, stuff and more stuff just renders us helpless in debt unsatisfied and longing for more. Relationships outside a committed marriage only result in desperation, failure and sometimes ultimately, destruction of a family.
Alcohol, drug abuse, pornography, and gambling all lead to being trapped. Men and women are left feeling unfilled, unhappy and still walking around with the same void they had before.
Only now, they have got a big old helping of guilt to go along with it.

Is there hope? Is there something more?
Why is it that some of us are embracing our call to motherhood? Why is it that some of us are actually fulfilled when we serve our husbands and families?
Completely out of the norm, I know!

This will be a daily journal of a desperate for God, passionate woman!
I am passionate about many things…my faith, my marriage, my kids, homeschooling, reading, decorating, and cooking. I hope to share so much of this with whomever is willing to read.
So if you’ve ever wished to be a fly on the wall of someone elses life, here's your chance.

Grab a tea, pull up a chair and join me.

*~ the passionate housewife ~*


dad said...

well this is my second attempt at leaving comment
so if the first one didn't make it though
why do they have to make things so complicated your password isn't long enough then it's not strong enough my brain is not stong enough to remember all these passwords
any way what i was saying is that i am still trying to recover from the pool boy and the picture these are not things a father should see or hear from his daughter lol

Robin Saylor said...

Welcome to the world of blogging. I need to grab a cup of tea and get writing too! Sounds like the book you are reading has had quite the impact on you. I'll have to get my hands on it.
Have a great day!

xinme said...

Hey, Sherry -- Saw your post on the AR list and thought I'd come say hello to a fellow Canadian!Love what you've got so far! I've just embarked on the blogging journey, too -- but have nothing posted yet! (So I guess I haven't really embarked -- but at least I have my ticket in hand:)

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