Monday, December 17, 2007

~ My naughty day ~

Passionate Housewives Desperate for God-Fresh Vision for the Hopeful Homemaker
by Jennie Chancey and Stacey Macdonald
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This obviously is the book responsible for the title of this blog. I was so excited when this book arrived one morning that I did something very naughty. I completely neglected my home and my children for an entire day so I could devour this book cover to cover.

I'm thinking that this wasn't something that the authors would have encouraged considering the point of the book, but nevertheless that is what happened in this housewives home.

That morning I looked around at my fairly clean and orderly home and then promptly kissed it goodbye! I knew very well that undue disaster would come upon it while I curled up by the fire in my chair to leisurely read.
I gave my boys some independent schoolwork to occupy them for awhile, gave the girls a pile of craft stuff to go nuts with and took a good long look at my cherub-cheeked 2 year old. I kissed his adorable little face and released him with free reign on the house.

That late afternoon as I surveyed the damage, surprisingly, not too much was done. Yes the school room looked like something had exploded in there, glitter, paper, markers, glue, and paint were everywhere-that would be thanks to the toddler.
And yes, I had had to break up a rousing game of hockey in my kitchen much to my childrens chagrin, after a potted plant hit the floor .
By supper the troops were famished and cleaned their plates diligently. Seems that moms suggestion to choose whatever you want to make for lunch hadn't produced much food. They had all decided to scrimp on lunch so as not to have to clean up much after themselves.
Poor things... I had rather enjoyed my lunch of leftover brownies and jellybeans.

I figured every good housewife is entitled to one cliche day where she fulfills the old familiar adage- that we housewives lie around all day on our sofas eating bon bons.
Okay, I've had mine!

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