Monday, December 24, 2007

~Christmas Eve Fun ~

My little elves were busy working this Christmas Eve day. Lets have a peek at what they were doing shall we.....

Are those cinnamon rolls you say?

mmm...yes they are! Now don't ya just wish you weren't on the naughty list... I heard you're getting nothing but a lump of coal this Christmas... or maybe that was me...well moving on then...
All these cinnamon rolls are for our lovely neighbors and the nice storekeeper down the road Mr. Bob and his wife. We call her Mr. Bobs wife. You gotta love them small towns.

What?! Eating on the job!! You boys are fired!!
We are all about the breaking of child labour laws in this house. Yes siree you better earn your keep around here.

Now these two pretty little elves were helping momma make m&m cookie mixes in a jar.
(you can find the recipe here)

This is something that they had wanted to do as gifts for family members this year.
So if you happen to be family and you happen to be reading, uh..Merry Christmas...surprise! Maybe I didn't think this post all the way through.

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Kay in PA said...

Aww, you did a great job with your baking! Love the pictures....those sticky buns look great.

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