Sunday, December 23, 2007

~Christmas Reflections ~

I have found myself quieting down the last couple of days. I'm spending more time thinking and reflecting on the past year.
Funny really, how quickly the year passes and we find ourselves at this very spot in time where we are faced with the fact that another year has gone by right before our eyes. It seems as if I am so busy everyday just doing the "life stuff."
Then here I find myself struck yet again with the realization of Christs birth. What significance does his birth have to you? Are you speeding through life on auto pilot with no thought to the future? If so, then really the significance of his birth is nothing more than an excuse to celebrate the season.
Yet if there is something more to this Christ child, something beyond magical, beyond the hype, could it be that we are missing the mark each day in our priorities.
Someone sent me an email a few weeks back about a children's Christmas pageant. Small children were on stage each responsible for a different letter to hold up. Their signs were to spell out CHRISTMAS LOVE. Being that this was performed by children it ended up with a glitch, of course.
The little girl whom was responsible for the M had hers upside down. Snickers and giggles could be heard from the parents until the message suddenly dawned on many of them. It was spelled out clear for everyone to see CHRIST WAS LOVE.
Christ was love and still today is love. Its all consuming, ever forgiving, soul filling, abundant Love!
We are always looking elsewhere to fill that "love-yearning" deep within us.
Relationships, stuff, activities, they will fill that void for a time, but at some point- even they will disappoint us.
This Holy child found in manger scenes everywhere this time of year has real significance. His humble birth, his incredible life, his sacrificial death, and amazing resurrection. This man had such an impact that even his birth split history into B.C and A.D.

Having Jesus as a side dish at Christmas is heart breaking to me, and yet as I reflect... I am guilty of it as well.

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