Thursday, December 27, 2007

~ Domestic Bliss in a Bottle ~

This morning when I awoke, awaiting me was a sink full of pots and pans, a dirty microwave and stovetop, and every small appliance known to mankind was in a state of disaster along with every visible surface in my kitchen.
Phew, what a mess!

As I looked on at my children happily doing their chores, I begrudgingly headed to the sink, okay no I didn’t… I and my coffee in hand ran back upstairs screaming and I checked my email instead.
When I realized that I was not going to get out of it with a simple “bippity bippity boppity boo” I decided to face the music.

As I filled up the sink with hot water and dishsoap and immersed my hands, suddenly it was if the sun was shining brightly again, the birds were chirping and all was right with the world!

To me there is just something therapeutic about immersing ones hands into warm soapy water, just like a bubble bath really. Okay, well almost like a bubble bath, I usually don’t bring food caked pots and pans to the tub to join me.

Now I must tell you that this wasn’t just any ordinary sink full of soapy water. No way hozay…this was a luxuriously scented experience!
I may have no-name pasta, no-name ketchup and no-name toilet paper (it really isn’t as soft- trust me) but when it comes to dishsoap… well I only buy the absolute best!!
No scrimping here, no siree!
I love the many flavours…ahem… scents (they don’t taste as good as they smell) that they have available today.
There’s green apple, citrus, grapefruit, cucumber melon, and darkchocolate hazelnut non-fat mocha latte ....okay I made that one up, but wouldn't that be a good one?!
My personal favorite though is lavender.

Warning-if you use lavender in the evening it might just entice your husbands nostrils and you might find him, before you know it, saddled up beside you at the sink. (it is an aphrodisiac you know) Maybe some flirting and a little batting of eyelashes and you might find yourself out of a dishwashing job.

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kelly said...

Hi sherry, i am really enjoying reading your blog.. thanks for the link. Wish we lived closer i think we think alot a like. this one made me chuckle though. I also refuse to scrimp on dish soap. My personal favorite though is the cucumber melon :)
Keep on sharing! you are encouraging the heart of this Mom! God Bless!!

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