Sunday, August 30, 2009

~ Look Who's 1 ! ~

You turned one this week my baby girl. I know every mother says this but the time just flew by. Its funny how I remember when your big brothers were small that I loved each new milestone that we hit. I could hardly wait till they got bigger because it was just so exciting and new. And yet with you... it's different.

I just can't help but feel a little sadness as each new month comes to an end and you get a little bit older. Maybe its because I am so familiar with how fleeting this precious babytime is.

You already are so independent now in so many ways. You'd rather spend time playing and crawling around on the floor with your big brothers and sisters than be curled up in my arms during the day. You have now decided you'd far rather sleep on your own than be snuggled in with mommy and daddy at night. Your daddy and I are so sad, but still get to enjoy your late night snuggle with us. Mommy cherishes her early morning cuddles while holding you so close as we go back to sleep together and you nurse.

I am so very thankful for you little one. Each day you bring me such happiness and joy. Your smiles and giggles are so contagious. You bring the whole family to laughter so easily.

You are such a peaceful baby...We were all so alarmed when you cried the first time. You were 5 months old and you bumped your head . None of us had ever heard you cry. It was such a shock and everyone was so sad to see you actually upset. You are moving around so much more now that you get hurt more often. The whole family still all come running to try and comfort you.

You smile at most everyone you meet. You're friendly and funny. We love that about you.

We love you baby My My.

For now I will savor every bit of babytime I have left. I will squish your little chubby cheeks with my kisses, I will breathe in your sweet baby smell, I will rub your fuzzy little head and relish in your drooly kisses.

I will take joy in each moment that I get to spend with you in my arms knowing that it won't be long that you too will be joining your siblings running away from me across the lawn.

I will rock you longer and hold you tighter.

Thank-you God for the privilege of motherhood. Thank-you again for revealing to me through the care of one of your many blessings, the fraility of life. I will embrace each day as if it were my last and hold my dear ones close to my heart...


Dawnelle said...

oh, I loved that post.

And beautiful pictures- she's gorgeous.

Angelica Bays, said...

Oh! Thank you for posting a color pic- those eyes are incredible!(Hee- I exclaimed so loud I scared the cat)

Dear Jesus, Bless this Mama and her darling family, Amen.

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