Monday, September 7, 2009

~Turn Away From Evil ~

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I just loved this video when I came across it on the Rebelution blog. After I seen it, I grabbed my children and had them sit down and watch it.

He explains so well the allure and the deception of sin. He covers how many Christians will try to justify or explain away their choices.

I laughed out loud at his comical skit and yet was so impressed with the TRUTH that was portrayed. Watch this video with your spouse, and with your kids and talk about it.

Discuss those things in your life in which maybe you need to be turning away from. Discuss why you have made some of the choices that you have as a family.

What a great chance to affirm those family choices with your children. The rules that we have, the things that we will not be a part of, events that we will not attend, the books that we will not read, the movies that we will not watch, the lyrics that we will not sing along too are all for this very reason.

We are to TURN AWAY and FLEE from evil...Not watch it, read it, cheer at it, and dance to it!

Romans 16:19~ I want you to be wise of what is good and innocent to what is evil.

When Jesus spent time with sinners He did not justify their sin, He did not join them in it in order to relate to them. He called them out, saw their sin for what it was...the depravity of man. He loved them unconditionally, showed them grace and revealed to them their deep need for Him.

When will we stop justifying our sin.. leading lives of hypocrisy revealing a murky, muddled view of the gospel?


Anonymous said...

good video clip

Angelica Bays, said...

Nice find, PH,!
It just may end up going on my facebook pg!

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