Monday, August 3, 2009

~ Laugh ~

When I was getting into the van for a little trip to the park with the kids, I encountered this guy on his way to his seat.

I asked him what on earth was on his head? He replied rather matter of factly that
"They are my goggles momma." Your goggles??
"Yes, of course for schwimming the wawder!"
Very well then, silly me!

He proceeded to wear his "goggles" while running through the park..

While telling his sisters an elaborate story..

During our picnic lunch..

And of course for the reason that they were intended...his swim in the pool! If only I had gotten a shot of him swimming with the matching pink noodle the lifeguard gave him!

Kids are so much fun! Their silly antics not only keep us on our toes but also keep us laughing on the sidelines.

Find the hilarity in the everyday, embrace the pure joy kids bring to the table!

Laugh mommies...Laugh with your little ones today.



ali said...

Too cute! My kids make me laugh every day, lovin' it!

Kerrie McLoughlin said...

so sweet! and people wonder why i just can't stop having kids!

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