Wednesday, August 12, 2009

~ Sorry ~

I'm truly sorry for the timing of this post. Yes, I realize that it is August and Fathers Day was back in June.
However, a family member asked if I would post pictures of our festivities and gifts for tradesman and I... um, agreed.

Now feeling silly I will go forth and oblige. You have the option of turning back now, or forever hold your peace.
Moving on...

Here's the shirt we made him. And yes we make him wear it. We worked darn hard on it I tell you!

I asked tradesman if he was at the point in life where he could walk around wearing a shirt with the many faces of his children on it and he said he surely was... I kid you not!

The back says "Hands Down" with most of our childrens' hand prints...that baby My was not in the slightest bit co-operative with keeping her pudgy little hand open for me.

And yes, I do know that it is almost near impossible to read the word "Hand" we some how got it backwords or upside down or something anyway.

With 5 children designing and re-designing and placing and re-placing decal letters, everything just got a bit crazy and obscured! My job was to man the very hot iron and press and re-press till I thought my hands would fall off...

Tradesman loved it though and the kids were very proud of their work! Yay Walmart! ( You can purchase all needed items for this fun, labor intensive, knock your husbands socks off project there)

Now because I have girls who are relentless with the baking and the crafting we had to do some kind of special food item for daddy too.

And so I present you with our dessert burger and fries. (brownies, cupcakes and shortbread being the main ingredients) The kids got a real kick out of making this, including the boys.

We got the recipe and the templates to print and make the schnazzy little tray and such online. When the girls and I were looking at it, I thought this will be easy and it was, but the mess that was made is a whole other story!

Tradesman enjoying his first bite with my 3 yr. old looking on proudly.

Everyone got to have a little "burger" and "fries" and much fun was had by all.


Anonymous said...

wow - I am blown away with the level of creativity you have brought into this otherwise rather non creative family you married into!!!!!


Angelica Bays, TygrLilies said...

Wow! Those are some great ideas! I'm glad you got the calendar mixed up so I could see them ;o)

writing4612 said...

For anyone interested, the "burger and fries" are from Bakerella. She includes instructions.

The Passionate Housewife said...

Yes, thanks "writing4612"

I did mention that I found the recipe and the templates online for the fun little fast food but it would have been nice of me to provide a link as well! :)

You have been warned though...Big MESS awaits...and that is all that I am going say about that!! hee hee!!

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