Sunday, June 1, 2008

~ A Thank-you and a Prayer ~

For the emails that I received and the comments left here, I am very grateful.
It gave my husband and I much to talk and pray about. Nothing about this feels good, it's not a milestone I am pleased to have reached in my journey as a mother. Give me the birds and the bees to discuss with them any day over this.
But, I do agree with all of you that said it was time to take this plunge and to be honest with my boys about the possibilities.
One thing that really struck me in a comment was that "evil lies". Helping my children understand that in this context will be a way to make this easier for them to accept. A wolf disguised as a lamb really is what this can boil down too.

Maybe it's just my prego hormones, but I'm finding myself holding my kids a little tighter, praying a little harder and relishing each moment.

Probably most of you know that Steven Curtis Chapmans youngest little girl was killed last week by a car in her driveway.
We never know how long we will have our children while we are here on earth. There are no promises. Each day that we have to embrace them, teach them, and enjoy them, is a gift.

Relish in it, grab hold of each moment and hang on tight.
Below I posted a video by Steven Curtis Chapman, it's a song he wrote for his daughter Maria a few months ago. She was just 5 last week when God took her home to be with Him.
Please keep this family in your prayers.
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