Tuesday, June 17, 2008

~ Is It Worth It? ~

I was spending an afternoon with another homeschool mom today. She has 4 boys. The plan had been to spend an afternoon outside in their little aboveground pool. Unfortunately, the weather had other plans.

The kids were itching to get together, so we decided to go ahead anyway and we headed over. The mom and I were having a nice cup of coffee and chatting away the afternoon. Suddenly, it dawned on her how quiet the house had been. With my 5 children and her 4 there were a total of 9 kids playing quietly and happily in the house. Games of chess, monopoly, and crafts were being done on this rainy afternoon.

She commented how nice it was to have another family over whose kids were so quiet and relaxed. We discussed how rare it is. Kids that get along well, are quiet, and generally a joy to be around.
Why is that rare? Another mother she knew whose kids are quite a handful asked her how she did what she did. Her response was "intentional, time-intensive parenting."

God said "by the sweat of your brow" men will toil the earth. I can't help but think it is the very same thing for us mommas. This ain't no job for sissys!!
I joke that it's blood, sweat and tears that produce great kids. Not really blood, but you know what I'm saying!

It takes time each day to train, correct, discipline, and encourage these little ones of ours. Doing it only half-way produces kids that reflect that, doing it consistently reaps us rewards.

So is it worth it? You bettcha! Everytime I go out with my kids, everytime I receive a compliment, everytime I sit peacefully for an afternoon with another lady. My kids aren't perfect by any means, but their behavior on the most part, and the joy that they are to us and others reminds me of why I have no choice but to work my tushy off each day being intentional, and doing the time-intensive parenting that it takes!


Michelle said...

Great post! I agree. What a nice afternoon you had!

Jennifer said...

Just came over from a friend's blog.

In regards to this post -Yes...it is definately worth it! Blood, sweat, and tears! :-) Being a mom is alot of hard work, but there are so many tiny rewards tucked away in each day...if we look for them! You seem to love being a mom.

Loving my calling,
Jennifer :-)

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