Saturday, June 28, 2008

~ Invisible ~

So much of what we do as women at home everyday goes unnoticed. The constant unending cleanups, the daily character training of our children, the messy spills, the huge task of preparing good, healthy food, and even the self-sacrifice of time to ourselves.

It's easy to start to feel invisible.
I even find myself, at times, giving my husband a thorough rundown of all the things I did that day complete with details. It's like somehow I need him to see, understand, and recognize my daily labor.

We have to realize that as women that are dedicated to fully giving our all to our families, we will be unnoticed at times by them.
However, that does not mean that our labor is in vain, or inferior in any way. The invisibility does not detract from it's value.

May you be as blessed as I was, watching the video below.

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Anonymous said...

Good video clip.

If you haven't seen all my other messages to you re Uncle John - call me or Dad ASAP.


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