Sunday, June 15, 2008

~Happy Fathers Day ~

I love celebrating tradesman on Fathers Day. Not just because he is such an incredible dad, but because if there are any days we should be celebrating, it is those that focus on celebrating real accomplishments in life that are worth recognition.

He may be a great flooring installer, a responsible provider, and a very handy guy, but the thing I appreciate the most about him is his commitment to his family. We always know where we stand. He takes his responsibility before God very seriously, leading his children in the ways of the Lord and loving them above himself.

Nothing gets me more hot and bothered than that! God wired us women to desire our men to lead our family's, to find it irresistible when they adore the children that we made together.

So today we celebrated this hero of ours and felt grateful and appreciative of him like we do everyday.

(Click on pix to enlarge)
The kids worked on a fun card for him. I stole the idea from a mothers email loop I am a part of.
The kids are spelling out "Happy Dads Day" with their bodies in the pictures. Too funny!

They each wrote something special to him.

They used chocolate bars to spell out words for their sentences. I was surprised by the stuff they came up with.
My tradesman is not a gift guy, but this fun and special card hit the spot. Aren't homemade gifts just the best anyway.
Well, on second thought, I might be a tad bit more shallow than him, 'cause for me, I kinda like it when they spend a little money as well...I'm just sayin'.

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Anonymous said...

You know me - I am a card maker! I enjoyed their creativity and their wit!


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