Tuesday, June 3, 2008

~Blessed Motherhood ~

"Praying mothers, teaching mothers, faithful mothers---the Church needs you. She needs mothers who will crave children, and love them and bless them to be the warriors of the next generation.

Motherhood! Blessed motherhood! The time has come to once again sing the praises of this calling. Though bloodied by the barbs of feminism, Christian motherhood will not be vanquished.

---by Beall Phillips, Verses of Virtue


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Salty Star said...

sorry, this has nothing to do with your entry, but I just had to send a comment about the song playing on your blog. The piano music, Cristofori's Dream. It was the first "real long" song I learned (taught myself) how to play when I was young and it has been my absolute favorite song to play on the piano ever since. I've NEVER heard it played anywhere but on my piano or my mother's CD! Where did you find it?

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