Monday, March 15, 2010

My Pretty Little Bruiser

Sure, she looks peaceful and girly.

Don't let that fool you.

As she falls asleep exhausted at the end of the day on momma, she is finally "still" long enough for a closer observation.

Missing a pretty shoe.

Oh, what do we have here?

How on earth does an 18mnth old put a hole in her tights?

Oh ya, that would be the CLIMBING that she takes part in daily!

Sweet baby My is a bruiser, no ifs ands or buts about it.

Oh well, who says you can't look frilly while scaling a bookcase anyway?


Mrs. Teasley said...

Sweet! Beautiful and adventurous, lol! <3

~Jan~ said...


Angelica Bays, said...

Oh, she is no frail flower, that one! Keep 'em guessin',Baby My!

Anonymous said...

Love the black and white one at the end of the post!!

Look at the personality in that face!!

Like I said "monkey child"


Anonymous said...

She really is a beautiful baby. I thought that first pic was a painting!

Dawnelle said...

seriously. spare me.
She is SO CUTE!

I'm Erin. said...

Her little profile is just too much.

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