Friday, March 5, 2010

Just Call Me Miz. Pebbles

If you are not a cat person, I apologize for this post.

If you are a sane person, I still apologize for this post.

My daughter has a cat. She adores this cat. She even licked this cat once when it was a kitten thinking that it would help the kitten not to miss her momma so much.

What can I say, she also has her dads DNA.

My daughter just had a birthday and a dear friend who has one of the biggest hearts around is also a little coo coo over this cat.

For my daughter, she bought all of these fluffy, pink accessories and bling.

Ya, I said bling. Who knew that there was actual cat bling. Look at that bauble.


"Don't hate me because I am beautiful."

"What's a girl got to do to get a little cat nip around here?"

Go catch a mouse Kitten!

That IS your job you know or did you forget that part while my daughter was fluffing your pillow and putting on your designer duds?

"Moi? I am far too refined to do any such silly thing. It will only be tuna tar tar for now on I beg you."

"A girl can dream can't she?"

Dream on pussy cat, Dream on.

Of course, if my girl has anything to do with it, the worlds your oyster.


Anonymous said...

Tradesman's DNA??!!
I can't see him fussing over a cat - of all things!!! ha ha

The Passionate Housewife said...

You are most definitely right!
Tradesman would NOT fuss over a cat. lol.

I meant the "weird" aspect of what would possess her to lick a cat?!

The "weird" or nicely put the "unusual" DNA. :)

Dawnelle said...

that is hilarious!!!! Your daughter is super cute, too.

Anonymous said...

Tell trademan's daughter that it is she who is adorable - much like her mama!!

Anonymous said...

Oh how cute!

I'm Erin. said...

That's pretty cute :)
I've never see a cat wearing hair accessories.

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