Monday, February 22, 2010

He Keeps a Record

I think as women we often are disillusioned on how we see God.

We believe that he is far more interested in how much we fall short, how we fail. We focus on what we perceive to be His list of our shortcomings.
How obscure. We are on Gods heart and mind, but not for the very reason that we think.

What has brought me joy as of late is this.

His record.

No, it is not His record of my sins which I'm sure are plenty. It is His record of my pain.

You keep track of all my sorrows.
You have collected all my tears in your bottle.
You have recorded each one in your book.

~Psalm 56:8 (New Living Translation)

Or the way its worded in "The Message"

You've kept track of my every toss and turn
through the sleepless nights,
Each tear entered in your ledger,
each ache written in your book.

God keeps a record.

He knows our pain. He feels our pain.

I hurt with the hurt of my people.
I mourn and am overcome with grief.

~Jeremiah 8:21(New Living Translation)

You are significant.

You matter to the King.

No matter what you dealing with, it is not going unnoticed. He is there in your pain and your grief.

Step out.

It's time.

Trust Him to reach into those hidden places that all scream out for something more.

Below I have posted a beautiful song by Selah. It is called "Unredeemed."
Whatever your sorrow, your pain, He sees it all and it will not go unredeemed...

(remember to pause the music in my sidebar first)

We never know the miracle He has in store,


The Smith's said...

I enjoyed this post and your blog. Please check out my blog as there is something there for you :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and true!

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of the story of Hagar (pregnant with Ishmael) after she ran away from Sarai because Sarai "dealt with her severly , humbling and afflicting her." How unfair was that - considering the whole thing had been Sarai's idea.

Hagar was in the wilderness sitting by a spring of water when she had a visit from the Angel of the Lord who told her to go back and submit to her mistress and promised her a multitude of

The Angel of the Lord said "...the Lord has heard and paid attention to your affliction."

Hagar called God "El Roi" the God who Sees and the spring of water was named "Beer-laha-roi" - "A well to the Living One Who sees me."

Check it out in Genesis 16.

The Passionate Housewife said...

You know what??
I have read that story many times when reading through Genesis. And never once have I felt sorry for Hagar...I am ashamed to say it.

Not until today reading through it again after your comment did I come at it from the perspective of God seeing her pain.

I have always skimmed over it because honestly somehow I felt she deserved it.( I cannot believe I just admitted that)

I am annoyed with the whole thing really. The fact that Sarai gave another woman to her husband to sleep with, the fact that he went along with it and never questioned whether it was wise and didn't see it for what it was.

Now, thinking more about would she (hagar) not feel something for Abram and then feel the normal human feeling of jealousy and competition with Sarai?

Her heart would have been trampled considering not only did she feel for Abram, she now lost the respect of Sarai and was treated terribly. On top of that the man that she is now married to could care less and pretty much told his wife, do with her what you want.

What a mess! A mess she found herself smack dab in the middle of and God heard her and cared.

Beauty from ashes.

Thanks for the new way of looking at it. :)

Brianne said...

This verse has always been one of my absolute favorites (Psalm 56:8) and given me so much encouragement.

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