Tuesday, January 5, 2010

To Purge or Not to Purge? (that is the question)

So in an effort to avoid starting school again with my children, I officially declared this week purge and organization week!

They had to still do their reading and their math (lest you think I am completely irresponsible) but other than that they were to be my child slaves laborers.

What is it about decluttering and organizing that causes me to want to hide under my bed (lest I have to share) with a package of chocolate chips?

I mean, I LOVE to think about all the things that I will declutter and organize. I even love to make lists about it or at least think about making lists. I always seem to have these great intentions and wonderful ideas but never any follow through (dang that pesky follow through)

So Monday morning was to start with a bang. Up and at' em, making my list and checkin' it twice goin' find out who's...never mind.

Anyhow, I had big plans, lots of expectation, and more than enough to conquer. After a morning of procrastination, and baking brownies with the little ones I ended up on the couch watching the movie Pinocchio with all the kids. What?? How did that happen?

When I gathered my senses, I marched myself upstairs with boys in tow and tackled their room. It took all afternoon and into the evening and still some was left for today. But it is finished... closet, clothing, under the bed (yikes), shelves, all purged! Hallelujah!

Today was to be the girls room day. I SO could not get motivated this morning. Coffee was not doing its job, I felt sluggish and lazy.

Tradesman was home today and had errands to do, needed to work on our van and start to clean out our garage.

I really wanted to just sit around and distract him (I'm just sayin) Eventually, he was able to pull himself away from me (I let go) to get the stuff done he needed too.

I on the otherhand, said yes to the little ones when they asked if they could go outside to play in the snow and toboggan. (what was I thinking) and then spent the next 1/2 hour finding snow gear, wrestling on snow gear, zipping up snow gear and then pushing snow geared children out the door. I had started folding a load of laundry before the kids requested to go outside and did not finish folding that load of laundry till at least an hour and a half later.

After pushing snow geared children outside, it wasn't long
(89 sec.) till they came back pleading for my help in finding sleds. Ugh. I donned my boots and coat, dredged my way across our yard through the knee deep snow to the workshop. Found a blow up toboggan, blew out a lung blowing the thing up, reminded the kids NOT to close the door behind us because the handle is broken and you can't get out from the inside, watched as 4 yr. old clamored into the shop excitedly and promptly closed the door behind him.

As I stood there looking bewildered, I wondered if it was really necessary to heed tradesmans warning to not enter the garage from the workshop door entrance because a skunk had taken up residence in our rafters. That being the only working door, I was thinking how likely is it really that the skunk would be awake and spunky at this time, I mean, was I really likely to get sprayed or just a little squirted?

However, having no experience with skunk spraying when I opened the door a crack I could smell a faint, familiar disgusting odor that has been encountered on many drives through the country. I figured being trapped in the cold workshop with the kids was a better option.

Thankfully, we were released a short time later, someone was hungry and came looking for me. (figures) After taking kids over to the hill at the back of our property with the toboggan, they proceeded to try and slide down the hill. There was too much snow and a path needed to be made first. I grabbed a cardboard box and had to use the only feasible, adequate body part I could think of. Ya, that would be my derriere. So a humbling and yet entertaining "skooch" down the hill produced the desired result and a sliding path was born.

I trudged back to the house, butt and legs covered in snow, hands freezing and insides craving more coffee. I knew it would not be long till the little snow geared children would find their back to the house, needing help dissembling from their many layers, hoping for hot cocoa and a mountain of boots, mitts, scarves, hats, coats and snow would be ready for clean up.

I found my way into the kitchen after replacing my pants and tripped over the pile of clean laundry I had abandoned earlier. I could almost hear my list on the counter laughing at me.
It was that high pitched, screeching witch's cackle.

Somehow, after much delay and drama I did make it to the girls room. We made a good dent, but I will still probably need another day and a half in there. At the rate I'm going I should be done by next week or not.

What is seriously the problem??!! How come some people are so good at this?? And some of us are just NOT??!!

Keeping it real,


Angelica Bays, TygrLilies.com said...

Oh, how wonderful! What a joy to read! You, my dear, were doing EXACTLY what you were supposed to be doing. What a fun post- thank you for sharing!

Oh, ps, if you need another procrastination idea, I'm still waiting for pics of those crochet potholders. >;oD

Mia said...

lol, I do the same thing. It all gets done eventually ;) You're doing just fine, your children will not remember whether the laundry was always folded or their rooms always cleaned - they will remember how their mother loved them so much she scooted her butt down a hill on cardboard so they could sled.

Robin Saylor said...

Thank you for making me smile today!
If you want to procrastinate a little longer come hang out with me some day - we miss you.

Erin said...

I KNOW that kind of day. I know it all too well. It's amazing how you can spend a day like that and then when your husband comes home and says, "How was your day?? What did ya do?" you have absolutely nothing to say! Thanks for posting such real stuff! love you.

Anonymous said...

Some of us are good at organizing - some not so much. But then some of us are good at cooking - some not so much. Some of us are good at entertaining - some not so much. You are good at the most important things. That's all that matters!!!
Love JD

Anonymous said...

It`s good to know I`m not alone! :)

Dawnelle said...

that was an awesome post! And I'm totally giggling at your homemade path!

Paula B said...

Sher, you are such a good writer. This should be a short story! You are also my dear sweet kindred spirit. All week I've been attempting the same - mainly closets, but let's be honest, it's never just a closet is it?! I just said to my hubby tonight, "That's it. I'm getting rid of all my magazines I've been holding on to." Then I started to read them. Then I needed coffee. So downstairs I came to get some more... and here I am. Oh alas, another rabbit trail. And my bathrooms still aren't clean.
Thanks for your honesty, it's so refreshing!

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