Friday, January 22, 2010

Summer on the Brain

Ya, I got summer on the brain. Maybe it's because I froze my tooshie off outside for far too long today while carrying hefty baby My around on my hip through knee deep snow... okay not really knee deep it was normal snow but it felt knee deep with a large cold toddler on my aching arm.

I am SO ready for blue skies, green grass and the sun on my back. I am done with snow pants, squishy boots and missing gloves...

I am done with a cold house, cold toes, cold shoveling, cold van...

I want summer.

It's only January. 22 nd.



Anonymous said...


Robin Saylor said...

that's why we had hamburgers, fries and lemonade for supper last week! dreaming of summer already.

mumsrea said...

My dear PHW aren't you going to Florida soon? LOL!!!

Angelica Bays, said...

Oh my- the elusive glimpse of The Tradesman! Surrounded by all those lovely kidlets?!
That's a pic to make you feel warm and fuzzy for sure!

Anonymous said...

what an awesome bunch!!!

Auntie j

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