Monday, January 25, 2010

Locks of Love

Who do these little beauty's belong too?

They did belong to my sweet, first born daughter.
Now thanks to Locks of Love they will go towards helping to make a wig for a child who needs one.

I LOVE my daughters long hair and it was sad for mama to see it go.

My daughter on the other hand could not get into that hairdressers fast enough and enjoyed every minute of the experience.

She is an independent, free spirit and wanted her hair short and wanted to donate.

I, on the other hand was just a tad mopey despite the good cause. Come on lets be honest here, you have seen baby takes FOREVER for my girls to grow hair, so mama gets just a wee bit attached when it finally does.

It did turn out pretty darn cute though! She suddenly looks a whole lot older...not too sure that I like that part!

Sweet baby girl, don't grow up too fast! I forbid it!


Robin Saylor said...

it is SO her to have that hair cut! i love it. tell her i think she's BEAUTIFUL!

Anonymous said...

long hair - short hair, towel head etc - every picture of her is beautiful!! So is her willingness to share her hair. That too is beautiful

Love Auntie J

Erin said...

She DOES look older...but so cute. Love it -- and will grow back. :)

Dawnelle said...

she looks gorgeous, and what a wonderful thing to do!

Angelica Bays, said...

'Atta girl! Great Job! and your new 'do looks just SMASHING!
(hang in there Mama ;o)

Anonymous said...

She is beautiful. What an awesome thing to do.

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