Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What's for Breakfast?

Take a guess at what baby My My had for breakfast...

Yes, I am a BAD, BAD mother.

"No, you are not mama, Everyone knows that chocolate cookies are an essential part of a toddlers diet."

"Besides, they are finger lickin' good."

My excuses are as follows :

~I slept in after a restless night of bad dreams and crying.

~I still had not drank a cup of coffee when I tore open this package of cookies to give her one.

~I wanted chocolate cookies too.

~I was having a bad hair day. (could be I need a shower)

~It was sunny outside.

~I didn't want to make her eggs or oatmeal and scooping yogurt into a bowl seemed too much trouble. (Pathetic)

Seems she enjoyed her breakfast, and now that I have confessed, I feel better too.


Anonymous said...

man, she is a pretty baby!-what a blessing her sweet face is to me. :)

Angelica Bays, TygrLilies.com said...

Dos she look like she's complaining? I'm sure Mama will sneak a vegetable past her lips sometime in the near future ;o)
XO, Sistah,

Robin Saylor said...

Eden made pumpkin cookies yesterday - George thought they were scones and was very disturbed when he realized he had cookies for breakfast! I'll have to tell him that he is in good company with Mayana!
ps you are a very, very GOOD mama ... don't ever doubt it!!!

Anonymous said...

Amen to Robin's PS

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