Monday, April 26, 2010

A Victory

**Warning: Shameless bragging ahead. I apologize in advance. Since I have no baby books recording first steps, first tooth, first hiccup, I should at least record somewhere an accomplishment that my children and their parents (us) were impressed with that did not involve how much food was packed away into their stomachs in a 45 second time span.

This guy is a machine. We enrolled our children in the AWANA program at our church in September. He has taken on the books and the verses like a beast. A beast of memorizing that cannot be stopped.

He just won 1st place in the "Belt of Truth" competition having memorized and recited the most verses. He was the last man standing in the stand off, so to speak.

Since September he has logged away 65 plus verses in his noggin as well as the entire Psalm 103.
He also has completed 2 full books in this short time there. This alone has earned him the "shortest- time - for- someone- to- accomplish- so- many- discovery- assignments" title in this particular AWANA club this year.

As his momma, I am proud as punch! I think I'll reward him with a haircut.

This girl too has been driven. She won 3rd place in the "Belt of Truth" competition beating out girls in the 6th grade. I have been so impressed with her independence in this feat and her confidence.

I really wish that I could say that somehow I am responsible for this. That I had some sort of great system that I trained them in, kept them accountable and rewarded their diligence.


I had no idea that they were doing as well as they were until some other parent told me. Awkward?


My only contribution to these babies accomplishments has been keeping their T&T duds clean. I can't really brag about that because they have been known to attend AWANA with ketchup on their shirts.

Oh, and I have rescued an occasional book from Baby Mys chubby grasp who likes to mercilessly scribble on them. She doesn't like to be left out.

They do however come by their great memorizing ability honestly.

Or not.

I have been trying to memorize a verse a week myself using the igoogle application for memorizing scripture. Although it's great and I am memorizing. It does not come easily, but rather goes easily.

Week 1 the verse is memorized, week 2 and 3 new ones are added. I then try to recall what week 1's verse was and for the life of me I cannot remember a single thing about the verse or where I might find it in the Bible and the 3 post it notes that it was scribbled on can no where be found. They have now joined the missing sock pairs, baby toothbrush and pencil sharpeners that are never to be located again.

I figure that the Holy Spirit is more than able to help me recall the verse when it might be needed the most. So I continue to plow through anyway.
Although, it would be nice not to be shown up consistently by my children who ramble off verses by the tens, and laugh at my feeble attempts to recall one.

I blame it on television and video games. I watched far too much as a child and played way too much as well.

Darn Pacman.

Let this be a warning to you young mothers. :)

So young man and baby girl, I am VERY proud of you both!

Love, your mama xo

p.s. You both may be better at memorizing, but I got you beat in the dancing department. I do a mean polka and you know it.


Erin said...

That is so awesome! Don't you just love hearing that sorta stuff about your own kid and having no idea that they were doing it? :) I've had that happen as well. Oops. I guess I shoulda paid more attention.

Congrats to Boy#2 and Girl#1. Way to go.

I'm Erin. said...

What a wonderful accomplishment for your kids!
Keep up the good work :)e

Anonymous said...

I too am very proud. Good work !!!

Polka? I have yet to see you polka! I am going to want to see a demonstration next time I am out. ha ha


Angelica Bays, said...

Great Job, Kids!
Make her prove it on that whole polka thing ;o)

(Psst!- if you post it on YouTube I'll send you ten bucks!)

Anonymous said...

That is just awesome!

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