Tuesday, April 20, 2010


On children ~

You know you let your 4 yr. old watch too much Veggie Tales when you hear him indignant after being kicked out of his sisters room open up the door one last time to bellow at them
"I'll have you know that I am no ordinary tomatoe!!"

On husbands ~

Hearing him talk on the phone to a customer... loving how professional, intelligent, and funny he sounds and thinking that you can't wait until you have him all to yourself later.

On homeschooling ~

Marking and explaining Algebra is no more fun or exciting than doing Algebra was.

On spring ~

Man, I need to shave my legs more often.

On exercise ~

Why, oh why does this just not get easier...and why when taking a very small break 4weeks does it feel like you have never run in your life or used your legs or lungs before, for that matter.

On chocolate ~

Must find 12 stepper for this...it is getting reeediculous.

On teenage boys ~

It matters not on how much food that you make, you CANNOT fill their bottomless stomachs with all the food prep in the world. While you eat your small salad with a large side of air, they consume every morsel of food in site plus some. And yet my abs are nowhere to be found and he has a 6 pack.
No fair.

On the movie "Amazing Grace" ~

I loved, LOVED this. Relating with how William Wilberforce delighted in the Lord, was giddy to just spend time with Him. Seeing his internal struggle with what God was calling him too.
We are to delight fully in the Lord AND we are called to action. Williams physical suffering, personal sacrifice, and persecution all for the cause to which He was called.
The triumphant ending resulting in myself consumed by the ugly cry and much partaking of chocolate.

On giving your almost 12 yr old boy his own cool multi-tip screw driver and leaving various electronics unattended ~


On writers bloggers block ~

You end up with some weird, makes no sense contents of your head poured out for all to see, post.


On trusting God ~

He is faithful. And I am humbly grateful.

p.s. Feel free to leave your own randomness in the comments..I would love to read them.


Erin said...

On 4 year olds...
"Please don't pick your nose, Jack"

"But I just pick the one kind of boogers, Mom. There are picking-boogers and wiping-boogers. The wiping ones are the ones that crawl out of your nose."


On almost 12-year olds...
Don't give them sharp objects EVER.
No screw-drivers, knives, scissors or machetes.

On fresh tulips in your garden and 4 year olds withe sharp objects...

I now have a lovely (but very short stemmed) bouquet on my table and a very bare garden.

The Passionate Housewife said...

LOL! LOve it Er!

Anonymous said...

On marking ..

I would do your marking if you lived close enough to do my house work

On 27 and 23 year old sons....

Even now driving them somewhere together in the same car is anything but quiet or sane!!!

On homeschooling....

If you need some shower curtain slime for a science experiment let me know.

On treadmills...

You can brag about owning one to your friends and somehow feel fitter.


M Farris said...

On entertainment by a three year old:

I have had the utmost privilege of being the announcer for Clara’s Dancing Valentine Show this evening. What an imagination!

The Passionate Housewife said...


LOL! You are killing me here...I think I might have just woken up baby My with my snorting!

The Passionate Housewife said...


I love that she specified that it was a Valentines show...so cute!

KJ said...

On toddlers:
They must eat nearly as much as teenagers do. I do not know what to do when my 22 month old who needs more than a kid's meal at a restaurant turns 15. I'm already worried.

On boys vs girls:
Love the pretty and the princess, but for just ONE day could we have a little less drama? Or please, go employ yourself in Hollywood so we can afford to buy enough food for your brothers.

On God:
Thank you for letting me mess up every day (a lot) and still being quite fond of me.

The Passionate Housewife said...


uh ya, good luck with that 22 mnth old when he hits 15! LOL!

So funny on the boys vs girls! Ha!

I'm Erin. said...

A fun post :)

Sometimes the random ones turn out the best :)

I love the tomato comment!

Dawnelle said...

That post was so fun to read! "Ill have you know I am no ordinary tomato"- hahaha!!!!

Here's mine for the week:

in the car with my learning-how-to-drive 15 year old, she says, "but it is easier with one foot on the gas, and one on the brake."

ONE foot only. ONE FOOT ONLY.

Anonymous said...

On getting older...

It hurts! Literally lol!!

On watching someone you love get older....

It hurts more! No lol...

On hope for both of us....

It is in Christ!!!!

The Passionate Housewife said...


Yikes! Stressful!

Can I suggest valium?

For you, not for her!


The Passionate Housewife said...


I agree on the getting old...ouch!
Why is it that it now hurts when I get up off the floor??

Watching someone get old... :(

You are right! Our hope is in HIM!!
Looking heavenward in all things!

Anonymous said...

This is so funny. Especially the teenage boy part - so true!

Anonymous said...

Oh my Gosh...I'm dying of laughter!!!

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