Sunday, October 2, 2011

I Will Worship

Each day I am caught up in the "to dos" and the myriad of tasks.

Each one holy as they are all gifts from above.
You sowed into me, and I respond, I sow into those you have given me.

I get so lost in the everyday that I forget the lover of my soul.

My sin it tangles and slows my race.

Where is the worship?

On my lips I hear complaining. I taste bitterness and yet my soul remembers sweet communion.

Its now just you and me and I will worship.

My face feels carpet, and I think, when did I last bow low for you?

Too busy to sit at your feet.
Hurried prayers, hasty thanksgiving, distracted petitions.

Oh Savior,you deserve more.
You are my delight, my everything.

Here am I and I feel you lavish your love.

Its only you and me. The crowned one and the weary, distracted servant.

All I have, its not much I lay here.
You give so much and my offerings so meager.

My heart, my life, I have let go. No hopes, no dreams ...just you.
You are my delight, my everything.

The hand that blows the wind in the trees blow love through me.

May it overflow...overflow into the everyday.


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