Sunday, February 15, 2009

~ A Valentines Day ~

I Love any excuse to celebrate, and since Valentines Day involves love, romance and mushy stuff well then in this passionate housewives' mind you have just the right ingredients for a perfect day!

Since times are a bit tough and money is a tad shy right now, we had to make sure every bit of fun was homemade. I am really not very creative, but my girls are, so I put them to work.

We have recently just hit the bottom of our very large freezer but unknowingly I had some hidden treasures buried in there. Some yummy ribs would be just the break we needed from endless days of pasta, and bread. Did you know that there are countless ways you can make spaghetti? I'm telling ya, I am now the official expert!

Anyhow, the girls got busy making a mess, um, I mean they got busy being cre-a-tive.

We planned a fun night with a nice dinner, family charades, homemade sticky buns and a tad bit of "mushy."

The girls decked out the table...ain't it pretty? We had a leftover bottle of sparkling juice from Christmas. Nothing like sparkling juice in pretty glasses to get my girls excited!

Don't you go trying to tell them that there are far too many sparkles. Apparently, there is no such thing.

Aren't these glow cubes just the coolest?

We learned that confetti sparkles can stick to anything if they are just a little bit wet, including cute, chubby babies.

This is soooo NOT spaghetti, excuse me while I salivate.

Oh baby, come to mama...

The girls had given each of us our own paper heart with our names printed on them. After we ate, we passed our "hearts" around the table one at a time. When someone was holding your "heart" they would then proceed to tell everyone what it was they loved about you.

The things that were said ranged from downright hilarious to quite endearing. Even our 3 yr.old had plenty to say about each of us. Everyone left the table feeling affirmed, appreciated, and truly loved. I think this new tradition is a keeper!

Hot out of the oven sticky buns and silly family charades made our night complete.

Hope you and yours enjoyed your Valentines Day,


Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun. Can I be one of your kids for a day?


Dawnelle said...

love the sparkles on baby!

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