Tuesday, February 10, 2009

~ A Little Cold ~

We had a day without heat last week, always fun to shake things up a bit!

We just went on our merry way throughout our day eating, carousing and such.

You know us homeschool moms, we are all about the fun.

Hey Kids, lets see what it feels like to hang out in 53 degrees Fahrenheit/12 degrees Celsius all day?! We can be like real pioneer people who have no furnace, no electricity, and no running water...okay never mind about the electricity and running water thing...that's just dumb.

Here's our little pioneer baby, she's sporting the "Rudolph look" a little.

The frigid indoor temperatures weren't phasing her a bit.

All that lovely insulating baby fat kept her quite content.

I tell ya, I looked down at my jiggly love handles with a new found appreciation and respect.
Gives a whole new meaning to pleasantly plump.

Pleasantly plump and thankful,


Erin said...

Too cute! Thanks for sharing :-)

Anonymous said...

They are all so adorable. Good for you to be able to put a fun spin on things. That memory will stick for many years.


Dawnelle said...

your baby is SO cute!

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