Saturday, November 8, 2008

~Autumn Days ~

I love Autumn, I love cozy suppers by candlelight.

I love this view from our backyard...some days when the laundry was piled up and my kitchen was a disaster, baby Myahna and I would escape here to breathe in the serenity. Funny how even though the mess was awaiting me still inside, it didn't seem so bad anymore.

My 5 yr. old is remembering the "eye to the sky" rule while picking. Did you know that? I didn't.
The kids love our yearly tradition of candy apple making. How is it that I do not like apples and yet I could eat about 50 of these!

The tree tradesman started from seed a few years ago, we finally planted it this spring in the conservation area off our property.

My little guy really took a liking to this statue, he wanted to hold her hand, and he kissed her. In the future, I can totally handle it if he falls in love with cement... real girls... not so much.

Yes, I realize my son still has his PJ bottoms on, but we homeschool so I can get away with it. At least that's what I keep telling myself.

It's always good to get a little Kung Fu fighting in while leaf jumping.

We enjoy the conservation area by our house far more in the spring and especially in the fall. It's not only beautiful, but we also aren't running for our lives from the giant blood-sucking mosquitoes!

Look what I found in the grass~I decided to take her home and keep her.

Why is it that I'm always running behind my children?
Guys wait up, mama is cramping's not easy running, well, more like cantering...okay speed walking. It's still really hard though!

Hope you and yours enjoyed the fall season!


Anonymous said...

Now that the mosquitos are gone - I should come out and enjoy the conservation area with you one day soon!


Erin said...

Love the pics...fall is THE best. And candy apples and caramel apples are the only way to eat apples raw!! We made them this fall as well and I'm addicted!

Erin said...

What beautiful pictures!!

Anonymous said...

Hi ,it's Aunt Carrie, I couldn't resist I had to drop you a line to say, this is so beautiful.the pictures and thoughts are so loving they bring tears to my eyes.I've known you are a very special person since the day you were born.Keep up the great job.

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