Sunday, September 28, 2008

~ Harvest Time ~

It's that exciting time of year when you finally reap the benefits of the backbreaking labor that is affectionately referred to as gardening.

We were somewhat successful again this year. If it hadn't been for the little bun in my oven that made me feel like I was slow roasting every time I stepped outside from mid July on, we might have had a little less weeds and a little larger harvest.

Those dang, picky vegetables want to be weeded and watered often.

We did however reap a tonne of tomatoes. We have been picking them for weeks and sharing with family and neighbors.

Our friendly little garden spider.

Harvesting is always fun for the kids...besides it means less work for me. Here my 12 year old is trying his hand at the art of vegetable arranging... who knew that could be so entertaining, way to go Martha!

Always good to have a tradesman around sweating, and posing and such...a welcome distraction from picking dirt out from under your fingernails.

"Momma, these ones are sooo cute can I keep them in my room forever?" Sure, but in a couple of weeks you might change your mind, especially when no one wants to come in your room anymore.

Hey, where are you going? There are still potatoes to be dug up and carrots to pull...although, if you are going to Timmys, momma would love an Iced Capp.


Anonymous said...

You are such a creative woman and I love how you make everyday so much fun. You even make me want to come and get dirt under my nails and you have no idea how long it's been since I wanted to do that!!!!!
Love, J

Robin Saylor said...

oh how I wish arranged marriages were in vogue ... i would pick one of your sons in a heart beat!! tell river that we sometimes affectionately call george "marcus stewart" because of his flair for decorating and arranging!
thanks for sharing ...

Anonymous said...

By the way - I have been trying to figure out just exactly what tradesman is doing!

Ha ha


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