Monday, September 22, 2008

~ Baby Myahna ~

It has been busy around here lately as we have had a new little addition to our home.

Our sweet baby girl arrived safe and sound on Aug.27 at 7:20 am.
The last month has just flown by.

I'm still in that "I'm not getting any sleep, coffee isn't helping stage."
My little princess still has her longer sleep stretches in the day time and somehow I can't really justify a nap at that time since I have 5 other children who need unimportant things like clean laundry and food.

I'm loving every minute though, since I'm unduly aware of how fleeting this stage is and I don't plan on wasting a moment of it.

The kids all adore her, we had to implement a timer policy for the first couple of days just so they could each have 5 min. increments alone with her for our sanity sake. It was either that or the poor child was going to be smothered, kissed, hugged and leaned on to death. Gotta love that sibling love!

As much as I hate having to share her so much, I must admit I do find all the extra arms useful. There is always someone willing to hold her so I can do all those things that seem far less exciting and important like cleaning, cooking, showering and going to the bathroom.

People keep asking me how I am managing 6 children, honestly I find it easier than when I just had a couple. Maybe, it's because I'm more relaxed about stuff, maybe it's because they all entertain each other, or maybe it's just because I feel so truly and utterly blessed that I'm reveling in every minute.

I am a Rich woman indeed!!


Erin said...

What a beautiful little girl! Congratulations!! I agree, you truly are rich and blessed abundantly. Praise God!! :-)

Natalie said...

Your children are gorgeous!
I saw you post on Above Rubies Yahoo group and followed you link here.
You are blessed among women!

Anonymous said...

Awww! She is just beautiful! And such sweet pics of her and her siblings.
My baby is almost one, and while I'm loving every moment I still miss the itty-bitty days. :)

- Joelle
(followed link from AR group)

Anonymous said...

The last picture in the list has to be one of my favorite baby pictures ever!!! So very, very cute!


Jennifer @ Quiverfull Family said...

Oh, how precious! What a blessing :). I really love the one of her with her brother! We have a new baby this year as well :).

Salty Star said...

how cute! congratulations! Do you have a birth story anywhere? Our little boy (#2) is due in just 49 days!

mamazee said...

oh, sherry....
she's so beautiful and new and perfect and tiny! melts my heart. My little honey is almost 6.5 mo old now and after looking at all these pictures i realize how big she's getting and how wee your little angel is! she is so sweet! Congratulations! (and i've got a little husband for your wide eyed girl! She's so cute and he's got those same eyes, just blue instead of brown :)...

Lana said...

AHhh bliss..... there's nothing like the sweet little baby time is there? Congratulations on your newest blessing. :-D

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