Saturday, May 24, 2008

~ Can't Kiss it all Better ~

I'm gardening like a mad woman this weekend so I thought I'd share something from my prayer journal with you all.
It's old, but I was reading through them and marveling at how God answers prayer. This same child I wrote about below has really come into his own in the friend department in the last few months. So I'm praising God!
( an entry from my prayerjournal Nov. 2007)

~A bloody knee, a scratched elbow, a large goose egg, these are all things I can kiss better Lord. When the boys were little, it was so easy to be the hero. Scooping them up from the ground smothering them with kisses wiping away tears was just second nature. My boys were always reassured of my love and comforted by me. As they got older, I celebrated with them each new war wound with an appropriate grunt and a pat on the back applauding their toughness. Still I would wrap my arms around them, kissing them even if there were no tears to wipe away anymore.
The physical wounds I can handle but this, this is breaking my heart!
As I held that precious face in my hands today and watched those huge crocodile tears slide down his cheeks, I felt as if someone was tearing at my heart.
He feels rejected Lord, he feels not good enough, he feels unpopular and unliked. This same boy who lights up our life each day with his funny one liners, hilarious antics, and just sweet, easy going personality... can't make friends.
How can that be? Can't people see him like we see him?

As his young, boy body shook in my arms, I marveled at how very little I get to hold him this way. He'll give me a kiss and a hug of course, but he's not one to cuddle a whole lot. I barely ever see him cry and if I do its always to do with some sort of compassion, or a strong spiritual emotion that he's feeling . A World Vision commercial, his baby brother hurt, communion, a compelling book, even his own prayers. These are the things that make my baby cry, not this. It can't be this! I thought I had equipped him well. We have talked about staying out of personal bubbles countless times, enthusiastic attitudes, good attention and eye contact when someone's talking to you.

Today I just encouraged him, I praised him up and down, and told him how proud of him I was. I told him all the things that I loved about him, that his whole family loved about him. We talked about Jesus, and how he must have felt when his own people rejected him, how much harder it would have been to be beaten up emotionally than physically. This boy can take some real hard physical knocks, without barely a flinch, but this build up of situations as of late just pushed him emotionally to the breaking point.
And there I sat, helpless to be able to kiss it and make it all better.

I smiled at him through my tears and realized how very blessed I am. I may not be able to make it all better anymore, but I'm still the person he wants to share his heart with. I'm still that safe haven to come too. I knew that I could bless this young boy of mine, I knew that even though he loves me and wants to please me with his whole heart, I know his heart truly belongs to you, God.
I reminded him of all the gifts that you have given him. His ability to make us laugh on a whim, his great story telling, his love of knowledge. What a powerful combo God had in his hands to use for his glory! I told him when he feels rejected or lonely in a group to remember that feeling, and thank God for it. Those that have been through adversary are the ones that come out the strongest in the end. We discussed again what he knows to be true in his heart of the great plans you have for his life. The sadness he feels now will only sensitize him to the plight of many sad and lonely children out there. What compassion and courage he will take with him into his adult life.
Zanders prayer to you brought a fresh round of tears to my eyes and again I am so very thankful for this incredible young man you have given me.
(end of entry)
Every opportunity presents itself as a chance to bless our children and remind them of their God-given uniqueness. Helping our children see blessing out of pain is one way we can continue to build emotional resilience.
We can't protect or save them from every painful encounter or situation in their life, nor should we want too. The real world is painful, and unforgiving. Our Heavenly father is not. He is full of grace and goodness.
Impressing upon them to look heavenward for their validation and purpose in this life will equip your children for greatness!

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